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Kristalia Introduces Next-Gen Living Solutions

From Iconic Revivals to Eco-Friendly Innovations

Courtesy of Kristalia

Kristalia, the renowned Italian design brand, made a striking return at the Salone del Mobile with an installation that revolved around CONDOMINIO, a living project epitomizing Kristalia’s vision of total living, in collaboration with Personal Spaces by MD House. Condominio, representing the modern residential archetype, served as the canvas for imagining new living scenarios, showcasing the comprehensive living solutions Kristalia offers today. This format allowed for the exploration of both domestic and community spaces, emphasizing individuality, versatility, and completeness of offerings.

Courtesy of Kristalia
Courtesy of Kristalia

Among the highlights of the exhibit were the Dimora bed by Cristina Celestino and the Fun–Go outdoor tables by the emerging studio Finemateria. The Dimora bed, characterized by its unique composition, blends soft rigor with regal presence, emphasizing the footboard to give the bed a distinct identity. Meanwhile, the Fun–Go tables, inspired by fungal species, create fluid compositions with varying proportions, offering functional yet visually appealing solutions for outdoor spaces.

Kristalia’s commitment to innovation and distinctive aesthetics was evident in these new products, setting the tone for further innovations showcased at the exhibition. The reissue of Luciano Bertoncini‘s ALUALU bed and outdoor lounge highlighted Kristalia’s dedication to sustainability, with both products made from 100% recyclable materials.

Courtesy of Kristalia

Luciano Bertoncini’s Palette, a tribute to Alvar Aalto, offered a versatile solution for both indoor and outdoor environments, while the LP recycled chair by LucidiPevere showcased Kristalia’s eco-friendly approach, utilizing recycled and recyclable materials.

The new Bottega console by Kensaku Oshiro and the Stria folding Director’s chair by Läufer & Keichel demonstrated Kristalia’s commitment to blending aesthetics with functionality, providing solutions inspired by everyday work tools. Additionally, the Forma upholstered system by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin introduced new modules with generous dimensions, enriching Kristalia’s furniture offerings.

Courtesy of Kristalia

Kristalia’s collaboration with Personal Spaces by MD House resulted in innovative solutions like the Tvu TV stand, which integrates with the Avenue Cabinets storage system, offering versatile configurations for modern living spaces.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Argilla finish showcased Kristalia’s dedication to craftsmanship, offering a handcrafted coating material with high resistance to scratches and impacts, further enhancing the durability and aesthetics of their products. Overall, Kristalia’s presence at the Salone del Mobile underscored its position as a leader in innovative and sustainable design solutions, catering to the evolving needs of modern living spaces.


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