6 Advantages of Living in the Suburbs that No One Talks About

Here are 6 advantages that are encouraging people to move back to the suburbs.

6 Advantages of Living in the Suburbs that No One Talks About

Not long ago, cities put emphasis on reviving downtown areas and making them more liveable. But not for nothing. It made a lot more sense to do so given that the younger generation had few family responsibilities and wanted to be close to the action in the city centres. Rising condos downtown worked for cities during the 2008 recession because expanding the housing potential required little investment in infrastructure. That, and a lot more people were eager to rent than buying properties since loans were harder to get.

But in the past few years, the suburbs have made a resurgence. Millennials are leaving the cities and not because of a global pandemic. Those moving into their prime homebuying years are increasingly choosing homes in suburban locations for a more relaxed pace of living and the possibility of working remotely. According to new research, there has been a significant migration among people ages 25 to 34 from cities to suburban areas. From 2,700 people surveyed, 48% of millennials reported living in the suburbs compared with 44% in 2019. The number of those living in the urban areas fell to 35%, down to 38% last year.

This trend has been gradually occurring since 2017, and we expect it to accelerate as more and more people find relief in living in less clustered areas. Here are 6 advantages that are encouraging people to move back to the suburbs.

Suburb Advantage#1- More Space

One of the reasons why younger generations are moving to the suburbs is to have more space – both outdoor and indoor. Living in a larger house with more bathrooms and bedrooms means your children can have their own rooms, and you get to have more room.

Unlike in the suburbs, where people live in close quarters, there’s plenty of space between yourself and the neighbours. What’s more, having a nicely maintained yard with outdoor space is a great benefit to moving to the suburbs. Large families know exactly how this outdoor space can be – especially in the age of social distancing.

Suburb Advantage#2- Easy to get around

This is very important and seldom discussed.

It’s not easy trudging around a city, especially if you have kids. It’s one thing to stroll to the market when single, and another doing it when feeding a family of four.

For a large family, weekly errands, school drop-offs, extra-curricular activities, swimming lessons, you name it – are much easier to get to and park in the suburbs than in a city. In the suburbs, the public transportation is decent enough, and options for parking are almost infinite, which makes getting around and parking easy.

Suburb Advantage #3 More quality living 

Living in the suburbs doesn’t mean you will completely separate yourself from the civilized world. On the contrary, some suburban areas are close enough to the cities for things like work and cultural events, but you can also enjoy restaurants, shopping, healthcare, and emergency services right in your own community.

If being in the hustle and bustle of the city or surrounded by the rolling hills of the countryside are what you desire the most, you might find that the suburban areas are too much of a compromise. On the other hand, if you’re looking to taste the best of both worlds, the suburbs are probably for you.

Suburb Advantage #4 Amenities are closer than ever

This is how Millennial migration in the suburbs is changing development. As the population in the suburbs is increasing and changing, so do the selection of amenities.

From entertainment venues to organic markets, the new face of urbanism is bringing more variety and options to suburban inhabitants. And all these amenities are closer than ever, with most of them being developed to be walkable.

Suburb Advantage #5 Life in the suburbs is much healthier

It has been shown that natural spaces are beneficial to social and physical activities – both of which are associated with a number of benefits of their own.

Time spent outdoors has been linked to reducing physical markers of stress. When we’re sitting beneath a tree or taking a walk, our blood pressure and heart rate both tend to go down. We also produce more lymphocytes that roam around our body, hunting down virus-infected and cancerous cells.

Researchers are still trying to understand why this happens, although they do have a number of theories. One of them is that natural spaces act as a calming background to the chaotic stimuli of urban life.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that we should all move to the countryside. Residents tend to suffer from more allergies, asthma, and depression – but they also tend to be less obese and less likely to get killed.

Suburb Advantage # 6 Have a sense of community

Of course, you can have a sense of community in the rural areas and cities, but it’s probably easier and more enjoyable to be part of a community in the suburbs. Homebuyers often choose suburban areas precisely to find these communities and raise a family. Suburban areas boast nature trails, neighbourhood parks and an escape from the chaos of city life.

What’s more, in the countryside you will always be close to a homeowner’s association. There are typically a series of activities associated with these communities, such as clubhouses or community pools.

Finally, we’re not trying to convince you that suburbs are the best place to raise kids or have a quiet life. We’re saying that life in the suburbs, no matter your age, is a good option and offers healthier advantages for living.

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