Why Aquabocci’s Architectural Drainage Grates are Perfect for Your Next Renovation

The benefits of installing models from this range extends far beyond their contemporary, sleek styling

Now you can have a flush finish from inside to out with the Aquabocci R-47 Threshold Drain installed across the sliding door threshold. Shown in GT Silver colour.

In the past, drainage was just a functional necessity. Since Australian firm Aquabocci entered the market with high-quality designer solutions, there’s a new way to enhance the fixtures of your home.

Distinctively slimmer, more colourful and longer-lasting than anything else on the market, Aquabocci drainage grates offer endless possibilities for styling spaces with their modular system. 

Featuring a four colour option palette, you can easily match these with your existing fixtures and flooring –  a style element which is highly appreciated by architects. Thanks to the well-considered aesthetics of the designs, creators are able to enhance the ambience of entire buildings using these products, which are made for both indoor and outdoor use. 

“In terms of the shower, it’ll be a colour best suited to the floor. I kind of want them to disappear,” says Gavin Maddock, a South African-born designer who works between South Africa and Australia.

It’s worth paying attention to the details from the start. While fixtures are only a small component of architectural work, aesthetically pleasing models are both unobtrusive and timeless. 

True to its marketing, Aquabocci is made for architects. The benefits of installing models from this range extends far beyond their contemporary, sleek styling.

Aquabocci S66 Low Profile Drain installed around the swimming pool in GT Silver Colour.

Full custom experience with indoor and outdoor drainage grates

The standard process for installing custom grates can be lengthy, costly and labour-intensive. To solve these issues, Aquabocci has developed a system that works across all models – where construction crews are able to cut pieces to size and achieve a perfect fit. The collection includes designs for: 

During research and development, the firm’s design team asked architects what they’d like to see. The overwhelming majority indicated that slimmer, sleeker options were something they would appreciate, so the company created them.

Rather than using steel, aluminium was the metal of choice. This material produces a more lightweight product that doesn’t stain. It’s also extruded into modular lengths, which are easy to work with on-site – and you can attach the spigots in your chosen positions. 

End caps of different styles can be chosen to fit the look and theme of a project.  Lengths can also be cut down to form a flush fit. Each order contains set lengths of aluminium grating, which is easily altered using a simple circular saw. Even better, they’re easy to clean using the lifting tool, and quick to assemble.

The revolutionary solutions have earned awards from leading architecture and design associations like Red Dot, which recognised Aquabocci for their R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain. The unobtrusive model drains the water from the door track and is almost unnoticeable when installed. They’re safe from salt and chlorine – plus they’re watermark-certified, meaning that very little maintenance is required over time.

Aquabocci R-47 Flush Threshold Drain installed achieves a flush finish to the Swimming Pool in Titanium Grey Colour.

Install a custom drainage grate today

Architectural work has an impact on the atmosphere and liveability of a building. Until recently, grates weren’t made to support the long-term integrity of structures. They were only produced with the intention of being replaced, rather than to be there for the long haul. 

Aquabocci has undeniably disrupted the market by offering a beautiful palette of colour options (spanning from Black to Champagne), and by choosing to manufacture in aluminium. This means all of their products can be installed once and will never require replacing. For further insurance, a 10 year warranty is offered with each purchase. 

The full range of drainage grates is available from the company website. While Australia and the UK are officially hubs for distribution, international shipping is available upon request.

View the sleek options and see whether they’re right for your next project. Free samples are available to industry professionals, with bulk pricing for orders. Feel the difference first-hand, and elevate your work to another level.

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