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Casa do Boi by Leo Romano Arquitetura

Leo Romano Arquitetura designed this inspiring modern residence located in Brazil, in 2011. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: The residence was named “Casa do Boi“(Ox’s House) because of the tile panel created by Leo Romano. Located in a condominium in Goiânia, the house is presented by a valley. For this reason, its architecture is designed in a way to narrow the relationship of man with nature. The clients are a couple of businessmen of the fashion branch with two daughters already adult. They asked for a house that had an authorial trait, but that would fit into the land without harming the existing nature. Another important point was to guarantee a certain privacy in relation to the other lands.

The house opens to itself and brings the vegetation, the animals, the sky. Your party is accurate. The main façade is marked by a two-volume overlap. The upper volume receives the rooms. On the ground floor are the social, service and leisure areas of the house. The plant develops freely, contemplating the kitchen spaces, rooms and balcony, that turn to the swimming pool and the lake.

The concept of space integration is combined with usability and freedom. Brazilian furniture punctuates the environment, respecting a wood palette. With few strokes, Leo exercises the contemporary poetics he enjoys so much. It adds the seized plastic values ​​along its trajectory. Make a time. It makes of its architecture a way to happiness.

The façade tiles were an opportunity to honor Athos Bulcão. Leo Romano was inspired by the artist’s panels to create the pieces that make up this work. The customer wanted something unique. So Leo started with the design of a stylized ox that is the hallmark of his architecture office and deconstructed its shape so that the original image would be diluted in the set. Everyone was pleased with the result. The execution was commissioned at a local coatings shop.

The composition of the rooms was full of Brazilian furniture. In the living room, stand out for the Mole and Oscar armchairs of Sérgio Rodrigues, as well as the Seamstress seats by Lina Bo Bardi. The red sculptural staircase is by Jader Almeida. In the dining room appear the chairs Pantosh, from Latoog design.
On the porch, the main piece is the armchair Asturias, by Carlos Mota. An Aubusson rug marks the social area. The works of art are by artists from the state of Goiás. Highlight the panels of the artist Pitágoras, which give color to the living and dining environments.

Photography by Edgar Cesar


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