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HSH House by A Milimetre

A Milimetre have completely redesigned this 150 m2 80’s townhouse located in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2018. Take  a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: A typical townhouse from the 80’s has been renovated on the east of Bangkok. The dull and dark house lacked natural light and ventilation. The original windows were small and the interior lacked privacy due to traffic and pedestrians.

To have an open plan with high privacy is the main concept of this project. A vertical façade with multiple usages was created. It is the main entrance to the house. It visually separates the public road from the interior of the house. The residents can look out, but pedestrians cannot peek inside. The facade also works as a security wall which is what living in Bangkok needs. In the interior, rooms with only one function each have been merged into a more open and connected house. We wanted to have a double space area linking other spaces and rooms together. So we removed a floor slab on the second floor in the centre of the house. This created a void that not only makes the most use of natural light and ventilation, but also brings people together.


Material transformations:
The opaque materials have been replaced by transparent ones.
Upper plane: we brightened the centre of the house, which was too dark, by adding a skylight
Vertical plane: the original windows were small and their wooden frames were thick. We replaced them with larger windows with slim steel frames. The slim frames allow more light into the house.

Floor: A floor slab floor in the centre of the house on the second floor was demolished to create a double space that connect all other spaces together
Façade: the building is enclosed with 1”x2” steel battens which protects the interior from the busy surroundings

Photography by Jirayu Rattanawong

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