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Neilston Road by FBN Architects

Neilston Road

Project: Neilston Road 
Designed by FBN Architects
Client: Loretto Housing Association
Landscape Architects: Ian White Associates
Structural Engineers: URS Scott Wilson Limited
Employers Representative: NBM Construction Cost Consultants
Location: Paisley, United Kingdom
While designing their Neilston Road project proposal architects at FBN had in mind the modern day needs of a British Citizen, making everyday life easier but at the same time having in mind the necessary green aspect.

Neilston RoadNeilston RoadNeilston RoadNeilston RoadNeilston RoadNeilston Road

From the FBN Architects:

Our proposals are driven by the desire to create a sustainable residential community of distinct character & lasting quality. The defining character of the proposal is a new informal green heart which allows the architecture to form a backdrop to this new recreational space. The architectural language combines a contemporary aesthetic, a nod to local built forms and a response to modern living patterns.  Our view is that sustainability is the capacity to endure. Be it a lasting relationship with a friendly neighbour or the enduring quality of your home. We want to encourage both. Our aim is to reduce the burden of modern life by providing efficient, contemporary houses by following our simple manifesto for achievable sustainable housing. Our intention is that this scheme will foster a sense of community between residents and become a place where people gossip in doorways, children scamper across parkland and where someone can sit down and thumb through a magazine.

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