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Yutang Mountain Villa by H&W Design Office

In the Eighteenth Century, people in Paris were keen to Salon Style socialization. Among which Mrs. Pompidou’s salon was particularly noticeable, it had successfully attracted many of Paris’s scholars, scientists and artists, even the famous Voltaire is her guest. One of the requests of this case is to create a fashionable, modern, and a mild luxurious way of socializing and life for the hostess. The space need to be comfortable for living, while being suitable for entertaining friends on weekends or holidays. In that case, the hostess could hold their dreamy salons while enjoying drinking with her friends.

Fashion of Mocha

When you make a cup of coffee, the mellow of coffee will spread into the air, and awaken your sense of taste. It seems that cream grey wall panel used in the living room on the 1F freezes the mellow of coffee in the space. The classical lines add a sense of fashion to the simple design interpretation. Green, Tiffany Blue and Golden decorations enrich the quality of the space, and enhance the sense of contemporary. Just like mocha coffee with various flavors has been selling well since fifteenth-century. In people’s impression, Mocha is classical and modern, and these two qualities are in full compliance with the fashion temperament of the hostess. The lifestyle positioning and vision of the future of the advanced class and elites seem to blend in this nice cup of Mocha. And this is the flavor of life.
Look at the dining room from the living room, the Pop Monroe picture interacts with you wittily. Horse has always been a symbol of British aristocracy, the blue and gray horsehead sculpture together with the blue Tiffany side cabinet and hanging picture depict an ideal imagery. It is also a “prêt-à-porter” tailor-made for this space by the designers. Mirror surface is used on the wall of the small study on the 2F, it adds to the feeling of depth by reflecting views of other spaces. The concise ceiling line and gold foil shell nosing of the Gypsum line convey a sense of modern and elegant.

Star Salon

It is the nicest thing to get together with family and friends in the hot spring pool. The original pool has been moved to the other side, and been transformed into the downward arc spring pool which is more convenient for the old and children. Besides, the designers specially designed a skylight on the roof, so when the night falls, the stars and the Milky Way is another new view. At high noon, if the sunlight is too dazzling, the hidden electric curtain on the skylight can shade the sunlight. The two designers creatively built a salon space with great views of the stars where the owner could spend time together with her family or friends.
The dining room, kitchen and small side living rooms form a casual and cozy area on the 1F. When sunlight shines from the south, and the green plants swaying in the gentle breeze. Enjoy a cup of coffee under the agreeable light and shadow with the accompany of Lisa Ono’s songs, how beautiful time is! The flow planning of the space is suitable for home life, which can meet requirements of diversified life styles.

Blend of Art &life

“To design a successful private residence, artistic expression is as important as its functionality. Nowadays, as people’s life has been improved, they would like to enjoy more of the spiritual world, so we design exclusive spaces for our customers basing on their demands.” HU Ke and WANG Rui said. Lots of attention is paid to the creating of the overall atmosphere of the space; even the color and angle of the light are the result of repeated testing.

The hexagonal honeycomb marble of the floor and walls contains a meaning of “home”. In the meanwhile, green plants surrounding add vitality and poetry to the space, and make people feel close to nature without going outside. To bring in more sunlight, the lobby on the first floor has been extended out, another door has been added to the dining room, and size of parts of windows in the living room has been appropriately enlarged. Hence the rays of light dance in the space and inspire the spiritual world of the dweller.


The immediate impression this villa gives is that it combines art with life perfectly. You may not find its regionality, but you will bear in mind the Mocha flavor that it gives off. This is the flavor of life in a stylish and international private home.

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