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INTERIORS: How to Add Individuality to Your Home on a Budget

Home on a Budget
If your current bank balance won’t stretch as far as allowing you to redesign your entire house from room to room completely, then there’s no need to feel disheartened. There are many ways to inject self-expression throughout your home; you just need to get creative, be resourceful, and call upon your ingenuity. Get started by walking from one room to the next and making a list of features you love and those you don’t. For example, if you’re not a fan of plain white walls, then make a note of how you wish to make more use of the wall space by hanging paintings.

You should love your home, so aim to make it a space you can truly cherish. Continue reading for more tips: 

Switch Up the Kitchen

Although kitchens and bathrooms are notoriously expensive to remodel, hear this one out. Consider using a company that works with the design you already have; one that uses the existing layout to build on but improves its appearance and functionality. This way, it can be finished ahead of time and won’t require you to part with as much cash as if you’d chosen to tinker about with the plumbing system. When looking into kitchen and bath remodeling, be sure to find a reliable company that has plenty of experience, a catalog of past designs to show, and has excellent customer testimonials.

Home on a Budget

Make Your Own

Here is where the fun starts, as you’ll have to get creative! If you have a talent for art and design, then you can create your own artwork for hanging on the walls, you can reupholster chairs and stools, as well as even making your own wooden furniture. Reclaimed wood is especially popular at the moment, and you can source yours from scrap yards, from laborers, and even by asking your local forestry commissioners. If you’re adept at creating something in particular, like pottery for example, then ask your crafty friends if you could trade works and create pottery for them in exchange for what you’re looking for.

Home on a Budget

Add Art to Blank Walls

For a house to feel like a home, you need to show your personality through design features that tell stories about your life and how you came to own such items, whether that be through traveling, gifts from loved ones, or your own creations. Great pieces of art needn’t necessarily cost hundreds or thousands, and you can find inspiring artworks online, and at craft fairs. The art you choose, however, should appeal to your own individuality and inspire you.

Home on a Budget

Buy Second Hand

You can have really good fun when searching for furniture and decorations for your home by searching online, through ads in the paper, at junkyards, and in charity stores in your area. By purchasing second hand, you’re selecting pieces that already come with history and their own personality through means of having minor signs of wear and tear, for example. You never know what you might find when you’re searching for antique and pre-loved pieces, and you can find some real gems. You can collate an eclectic mix of pieces from different eras and make your home completely individual. No one else will have the entire same furniture and furnishings in their home as you do, that’s for sure!

All images from the latest Fall Winter 2018 ZARA HOME collection – find more on ARCHISCENE.

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