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  • Award-Winning Design: LemayMichaud Transforms Fasken’s Offices

    LemayMichaud presents its acclaimed design of Fasken‘s new offices in Quebec City, honored with the Interior Design of the Year Award at the 16th Grands Prix du Design. Situated at 365 Abraham Street in the heart of Quebec City’s Old Port, the spacious 37,490 sq. ft. offices across two and a half floors are celebrated […] More

  • Agata Kurzela Studio’s Creative Makeover of AD Government Office

    The AD Government Office, a project by Agata Kurzela Studio, is situated under an undulating roof on the last level of a heritage building. Initially designed for a government body overseeing public projects, the space also hosts workshops and exhibitions. A significant challenge was accommodating fluctuating office occupancy due to varying numbers of external consultants. […] More

  • Bestseller’s Employee-Centric Workspace by A3 VISION

    A3 VISION was conceived to fulfill Bestseller‘s aspiration to depart from conventional office norms and prioritize the well-being of employees. In a close partnership, the two parties strived to develop a progressive workspace that not only fosters teamwork, but also emphasizes the pivotal role of employee satisfaction in shaping the workplace atmosphere. Located within the […] More

  • Containers

    From Box to Boardroom: Designing Collaborative Workspaces with Containers

    In today’s dynamic business environment, the need for flexible and adaptable workspaces has never been greater. Companies constantly seek innovative solutions to foster collaboration, encourage creativity, and maximize productivity. One approach that has gained traction in recent years is the use of shipping containers as the building blocks for modern office spaces. This article explores […] More

  • Greater Dog Architects’ BRLOOTE Headquarters: A Masterpiece of Integrated Design and Sustainability

      The architecture envisioned for the BRLOOTE Headquarters embodies a harmonious integration with its surroundings, aiming to seamlessly blend into the existing environment while making a bold statement. Situated amidst the dynamic landscape of Shaoxing, the design by Greater Dog Architects considers the site’s characteristics and functional requirements. Through a tailored planning approach, the architects […] More

  • JSWD’s Neuer Kanzlerplatz: A Landmark in Bonn’s Evolving Landscape

    Neuer Kanzlerplatz, an innovative office complex located in the center of Bonn, Germany is introduced by JSWD. Selected through a rigorous urban development qualification process initiated by the city in 2015, JSWD, in collaboration with Art-Invest Real Estate, embarked on a mission to transform a pivotal intersection linking a bustling highway and a major railway […] More

  • Cultivating Innovation through Engineering Labs at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

    Juan Pablo Ortiz + TALLER Architects present their collaborative work completed for the Engineering Faculty at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia. The project emerged from a private competition in 2014, aiming to seamlessly integrate an existing brick structure with a new steel tower. Situated at an altitude of 2,600 meters in the Andean foothills, […] More

  • Münchener Verein

    Münchener Verein New Office by Kinzo

    Münchener Verein, a prominent insurance company, has recently opened the doors to “das max,” its new modern office building located in Ludwigsvorstadt. This eight-story structure, designed by Stuttgart-based architects SCOPE, signifies a new chapter for the company’s 250 employees who moved into the lower four floors in the spring of 2023. The move from traditional […] More

  • Best Ways To Decorate Your Home Office Desk

    There are many advantages to working from home, but there are also disadvantages. If working from home is your work option at this time and you have decided to create your own workspace, you need to think carefully about where and how you will do it. Otherwise, you could make the mistake of creating a […] More

  • Qingdao Vanke Business Park by CLOU architects

    CLOU architects have designed the most recent extension of the Qingdao Vanke Business Park located in the Chengyang District, a colorful mixed-use complex. A bookstore, a small municipal hall, and retail areas all serve as fascinating meeting locations for cross-cultural communications. CLOU’s continual investigation of stepped architecture and office and commercial design integration is reflected […] More

  • The Fintech Office by WIT Design & Research

    WIT Design & Research finished their project The Fintech Office. The space is a user-friendly and co-working environment. The Fintech Office ? and the Dragon Restaurant made their debut during the pandemic in February, 2020, which made it hard and challenging. Several days later the entire space of the Fintech Office ? was rented by […] More

  • Furniture that Boosts Productivity

    The office look, feel, and comfort significantly influence the productivity and overall performance of its employees. Sitting all day long in uncomfortable chairs and workspace reduces concentration, productivity and motivation of employees. The following are lists of furniture that boosts productivity and performance. OFFICES Read more after the jump: Ergonomic Chairs Over the years, the […] More

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