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  • Best Ways To Decorate Your Home Office Desk

    There are many advantages to working from home, but there are also disadvantages. If working from home is your work option at this time and you have decided to create your own workspace, you need to think carefully about where and how you will do it. Otherwise, you could make the mistake of creating a […] More

  • Qingdao Vanke Business Park by CLOU architects

    CLOU architects have designed the most recent extension of the Qingdao Vanke Business Park located in the Chengyang District, a colorful mixed-use complex. A bookstore, a small municipal hall, and retail areas all serve as fascinating meeting locations for cross-cultural communications. CLOU’s continual investigation of stepped architecture and office and commercial design integration is reflected […] More

  • The Fintech Office by WIT Design & Research

    WIT Design & Research finished their project The Fintech Office. The space is a user-friendly and co-working environment. The Fintech Office Ⅰ and the Dragon Restaurant made their debut during the pandemic in February, 2020, which made it hard and challenging. Several days later the entire space of the Fintech Office Ⅰ was rented by […] More

  • Furniture that Boosts Productivity

    The office look, feel, and comfort significantly influence the productivity and overall performance of its employees. Sitting all day long in uncomfortable chairs and workspace reduces concentration, productivity and motivation of employees. The following are lists of furniture that boosts productivity and performance. OFFICES Read more after the jump: Ergonomic Chairs Over the years, the […] More

  • WÜRTH Serbia Training & Test Center by Dejan Todorovic

    Serbian architect Dejan Todorović transformed a 540 sqm warehouse into Würth Serbia training and test center, located in Belgrade. A polycarbonate wall divides the space in two – a demo center for CNC machines and a testing room for products. RELATED: INDUSTRIAL ARCHITECTURE The first of the two spaces contains a large steel mesh cage […] More

  • INTERIOR TIPS: Your Home Office Design, Sorted

    If you regularly need to work from home, it is important to create a private space of your own to focus on a project or quickly cut down your task list. It is however, important to remember that a Specialist Office Design and Commercial Interior Fitout Company would design the space in such a way […] More

  • How to Design an Office That Reflects Your Brand

    Of course, your office has to be highly functional, but when it comes to designing a workspace, looks matter too. You want to convey the right message about your business to your employees and any visitors to your premises, so it’s essential to get the aesthetics spot on. Keep reading for some suggestions that will […] More

  • Corazon Filmes Offices by Brazilian Architect Fabio Marins

    Discover the Corazon Filmes Offices designed by architecture practice of Brazilian Architect Fabio Marins.  The 262 square meter project is located in São Paulo, Brazil.  Willing to be a stripped-down athmosphere and an incubator of new talents, the film production company Corazon Filmes works in the execution of advertising and publicity films. The architect Fabio […] More


    Ningbo Agricultural Bank of China by RMJM RED

    RMJM RED have been appointed by the Agricultural Bank of China as the Architectural Consultant of their Ningbo Branch. The design proposal was presented as part of an international design competition. RMJM’s design was awarded first prize. The object is designed to create a direct relationship between the streetscape of three facades of the building, […] More

  • inloki

    Outsystems Office by Inloki

    Inloki explored a low cost concept to create the new Outsystems office. The new volume helds the social areas that supportsthe daily life of Outsystems. The informal spaces are very important in the groups dynamics of the firm. They are tools in the creative process. Take a look at the complete story below. More

  • Reale Group Office Building by Iotti + Pavarani Architetti and Artecna

    The architects Paolo Iotti and Marco Pavarani  from Iotti + Pavarani Architetti, together with a group of designers from Artecna have designed the new operations headquarters of Reale Group in Turin, Italy. The architecture defines a contemporary insertion in the heart of the historical centre: a new construction that represents a significant replacement project achieved without […] More