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  • FIVE Considerations To Make Before Moving

    Moving to a new house is always going to be a thrilling part of one’s life. Just as the cobwebs gather and you feel there’s space to revive yourself and live anew, you elect to change your living circumstances, with all the exciting implications that come along with that. In order to make the transition […] More

  • INTERIOR TIPS: Your Home Office Design, Sorted

    If you regularly need to work from home, it is important to create a private space of your own to focus on a project or quickly cut down your task list. It is however, important to remember that a Specialist Office Design and Commercial Interior Fitout Company would design the space in such a way […] More

  • How to Get Started as an Interior Design Contractor

    Now is the best time to start envisaging a career as a home design contractor. The real estate market is piping hot at the moment and there are tons of opportunities for interior design contractors who can deliver quality work. However, before you start an interior design contracting business, there are a few things you […] More

  • How Massage Chairs are Uglying Up Living Spaces Everywhere

    I recently had a dinner party at my friend’s house, and I was flabbergasted at the sight of his living room. It had beautiful ornaments adorning the wall along with family photos. It looked like they were taken by some professional photographer. Soft plush carpets. An elegant set of sofa and a glass and mahogany […] More

  • RESIDENTIAL: How Can Skylights Transform Your Space?

    While we’re all obsessed with making the kind of home improvements that will simultaneously drive up the long-term value of our property and make them more enjoyable places to live and spend our time as a result, there are a few oversights most people make that are easy enough to address. Obvious steps such as […] More

  • How to Maximise Space in Tiny Apartments

    There are plenty of tales of people cramming into tiny cupboards in order to live in cosmopolitan cities such as London and New York. While these are extreme stories, there are many making the move to small spaces in bustling cities. These compact flats have their own appeal, from offering reasonable rents to being ideally […] More

  • How Hotel Design Sets the Tone

    Hotel Design is in the spotlight more than ever, today’s travellers look into a hotel design as much as the price point and here’s why: Whether it is part of a small chain or a global name, a hotel’s design is essential to both the satisfaction of its guests and how it is branded. Therefore, […] More


    Flexible housing adjusts to the changing needs of users over time. With the private home elevator marketplace breaking new ground in practical but elegant designs, demand is increasing for multi-tasking, multi-functional lifts to increase the versatility and accessibility of the whole home, for all ages, for an entire lifetime. Read more after the jump: More

  • What To Think About Before Building A New House

    The option to build a new house for you and your family is always there, but it does come with its own set of obstacles. Never assume it’s going to be an easy or seamless process, and always prepare in advance to help ensure your project turns out the way you picture it. Keep in […] More

  • 3 Effective Ways to Increase Your Architecture Blog’s Impact

    The world of blogging is immense and covers every sort of topic imaginable. From cooking to financing to water polo, if you can think of it, there’s a blog for it. For those interested in home design, and specifically, how architecture plays a key role in creating unique, awe-inspiring structures, there are some distinct advantages. […] More

  • Key Elements to Make Your Bedroom Look Like Royalty

    Royalty can mean different things to different people. Crowns, jewels, and thrones are a few things that come to mind for most people. For centuries, it seemed as though the luxuries of royalty were only available to those born into privilege. Well, as time progressed, the luxuries of the world became more popular, and available […] More

  • Things to Consider Before Building a Shed

    Think of those times you thought how cool it would be if you could build a shed or porch swing. Taking those raw materials and turning them into something amazing is a great skill to have for fun weekend projects. More

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