How Businesses Big and Small are Starting Trends

Here’s a look at how businesses, big and small alike, are starting trends that just may in fact leave a lasting impact on our lives

How Businesses Big and Small are Starting Trends

News of the COVID-19 pandemic came as a shock to everyone, and our lives have been upended from every angle since March 2020. However, the pandemic did bring about some positive changes, trends and news that’s transformed our lives in some fashion.

Despite what’s happening right now throughout the world, we’ve been innovating and creating to help cope with this changing landscape. It’s shown that we can persevere no matter the circumstances. Here’s a look at how businesses, big and small alike, are starting trends that just may in fact leave a lasting impact on our lives.

1. Surge in E-commerce Sales

Once news of the pandemic was announced, the world shut down and people were severely limited in what they could do and where they could go outside their homes. But people still needed to get the things they wanted. Enter the world of e-commerce, which has exploded in the past year — and there appears to be no signs of it slowing down. While Amazon and eBay were already popular, the pandemic has caused an uptick in e-commerce sales on those sites and even smaller businesses offering their products online through sites like Shopify. People have even started live streaming on their e-commerce platforms to sell products.

2. Cashless and Contactless Payments

Cashless and contactless payments were already on the rise before the pandemic. However, services like Apple Pay and Google Pay are even more convenient now than they’ve ever been, as they provide a more sanitary option than cash and credit cards. That trend is likely here to stay, even when the pandemic is over, because it’s just a simpler and more convenient way to pay for what you need.

3. Increased Sanitation Standards

Even after COVID-19 eventually goes away, updated and more robust sanitation standards for businesses small and large are likely to continue into the foreseeable future. No one wants another repeat of 2020, which is why this trend is likely to continue. Companies will continue to deliver higher standards of cleaning to ensure fewer germs or bacteria are spread through the air or on hard surfaces.

How Businesses Big and Small are Starting Trends

4. Investments in Technology

The pandemic has forced many businesses to rely on technology they might not have otherwise invested in before COVID-19. For instance, shifting to fully remote work environments has caused companies to lean on cloud, IT and cybersecurity services. Since a large percentage of the population likely won’t return to the office full time once the pandemic is over — and prefer to work from home — companies may have to shift to permanent remote work, at least for a percentage of their workforce. That means investing in technology that can help ease this transition could be the right move.

5. Honoring Essential Workers

During the pandemic, companies like Morsco have been setting the trend of honoring essential workers. Because of the round-the-clock reliance placed on the plumbing, HVAC and waterworks industries, business owners are taking the opportunity to shine a spotlight on dutiful employees and contractors. Regardless of the field of work or industry in which people find themselves, it’s always good to know the work you’re doing is impactful. Indeed, Morsco, along with other progressive companies, is doing its part to help keep the systems of its commercial and residential customers functioning smoothly during these trying times.

Trends Set to Last

The pandemic has led to the creation of several trends that may be around long after the pandemic is over thanks to the convenience they bring to our lives. From a surge in e-commerce sales and cashless and contactless payments to increased sanitation standards and investing in technology, companies have been finding ways to thrive in spite of the ongoing pandemic. The hard work and talent of these innovators that are shining through in an era of uncertainty and dramatic change is nothing short of inspiring.

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