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  • Masná 130’s Legacy of Preservation and Progress

    Positioned in the heart of Český Krumlov, a picturesque town in Bohemia, Central Europe, Masná 130 serves as a prime illustration of the integration of past heritage and contemporary elements.  Originally a 500-year-old house left in disrepair, Masná 130 underwent a remarkable transformation under the careful stewardship of its owners. Recognizing the potential hidden beneath […] More

  • Izen Architecture Restores House 21

    Izen Architecture, a Toronto-based firm, has recently completed a mid-century modern restoration of House 21. The project combines historical preservation with contemporary updates to meet the needs of a young, urban family. The homeowners, two doctors who were on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, embarked on this renovation journey while juggling their demanding careers […] More

  • Tuckey Design Studio Reveals Insights into 12 Hans Road Restoration

    Tuckey Design Studio has orchestrated a remarkable transformation within the historic confines of 12 Hans Road, infusing warmth and domesticity into the previously segmented Grade-II listed office building in Knightsbridge. Originally crafted by AH Mackmurdo in the 19th century, the townhouse had undergone a drastic metamorphosis in the 1980s, partitioned into individual offices with stark […] More

  • Komon Architekti’s Villa Bianca: Bridging Past and Future

    The historical Villa Bianca symbolizes the architectural skill and expertise of Jan Kotěra, whose vision in 1910-11 brought to life an iconic structure. Over the years, the villa underwent various transformations, culminating in a radical renovation in 2003 under the expertise of Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat. While the exterior pays homage to Kotěra’s original design, […] More

  • Agata Kurzela Studio’s Creative Makeover of AD Government Office

    The AD Government Office, a project by Agata Kurzela Studio, is situated under an undulating roof on the last level of a heritage building. Initially designed for a government body overseeing public projects, the space also hosts workshops and exhibitions. A significant challenge was accommodating fluctuating office occupancy due to varying numbers of external consultants. […] More

  • Casa Nato by ZDA Zupelli Design Architettura and Ghiroldi Design

    Casa Nato stands as a demonstration of pioneering architectural design, offering not just a home but an immersive experience. Divided into three distinct volumes, each serving a specific purpose, the villa represents organization and harmony in living spaces. The strategic arrangement ensures efficient separation of service areas from the more public zones, while also providing […] More

  • HOOOLDESIGN’s Abandoned Office to Baking Factory Transformation

    The Tiana Cake project, spearheaded by the architecture firm HOOOLDESIGN under the leadership of Principal Architect Han Lei, embarked on a transformative journey to repurpose an abandoned office space into an efficient baking factory. Throughout the project’s duration, the team addressed two primary challenges: enabling the factory to accommodate both product manufacturing functions and reimagining […] More

  • Crafting Peaceful Spaces: Ben Lee’s Perspective on Vita Architecture’s Home Gym Design

    Vita Architecture, a London and Surrey based boutique architecture firm, was commissioned to deliver a bespoke home gym for a family in Tandridge, Surrey. The existing home was situated in a greenbelt area, prompting the design of a transparent structure that minimized its impact on the greenbelt while maximizing the stunning views. The gym design […] More

  • NEIWAI ACTIVE’s Spatial Reinvention by Still Young

    NEIWAI ACTIVE, a leading brand in the women’s sportswear industry, has been at the forefront of providing innovative sportswear solutions tailored to various athletic endeavors since its beginning in 2018. In its quest for enhanced global brand image, NEIWAI ACTIVE collaborated with Still Young to conceptualize new stores that refresh the brand’s identity. Embracing a […] More

  • Transforming Tradition: Gouveia’s Apartment Renovation

    Gouveia is at the base of Serra da Estrela and highlights Avenida General Humberto Delgado. With its elegant houses and lush trees, this road is the ideal representation of the city’s residential charm. The photographs of the apartment, captured by Ivo Tavares, showcase the three-story building from 1965, embodying modernist architectural principles, which serves as […] More

  • The Transformation of Shanghai Book City by Wutopia Lab

    Shanghai Book City, affectionately dubbed the “Crystal Palace” by its admirers, has unveiled its new facade following a comprehensive two-year renovation led by Wutopia Lab. This project, more than a mere facelift, represents a profound reimagining of what a bookstore can be in the digital age, transforming it into a vibrant cultural complex that invites […] More

  • Churina Design Talks about the L’Oréal Ukraine Office

    ARCISCENE Editor Zarko Davinic spoke with interior designer Katerina Churina and chief of Churina Design about the innovative approach to creating a flexible and multifunctional workspace, the concept of Activity Based Working, and the key features of the design of L’Oréal Ukraine Office. In the heart of Kyiv’s city center, L’Oréal has unveiled its sleek […] More

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