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Apartment with Domestic Device by BDRbureau

BDRbureau recently completed this small contemporary apartment refurbishment located in Turin, Italy. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: The small size of the house is the starting point for exploring the theme of flexibility and adaptability in contemporary homes.

On the one hand, few demolitions interrupt the rigid distribution scheme of the traditional corridor-house, allowing a free circulation. From the point of view of design exploration, the insertion of an independent device transforms the domestic space, making it flexible and adaptable to needs that may change over time. The house is intended as an open system that, when necessary, contracts its common spaces and expands private ones. The device is a service block: a small kitchen, storage compartments and a colorful curtain, an ephemeral border that defines hidden private space when needed.


The kitchen uses the distribution of the house in an active way and allows a flexibility of uses in the short and long term (the space of the dining room will be able to become a room tomorrow).

The kitchen is a minimal space equipped with storage compartments on the whole height.

The use of a flooring with different colors and geometric patterns indicates the intervention and draws the various areas of the house.
The proposal is part of a broader design reflection on how the sharing economy is gradually changing the way people live and work in the city, blurring the boundaries between public and private. In this sense, the design of the domestic device is a prototype to study its application in other contexts.

Photography by Beppe Giardino

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