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FALKen by 3XN Architects

FALKen by 3XN

Location: Dirch Passers Allé, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Client: Frederiksberg Municipality, Realdania, Lokale- og Anlægsfonden
Size: 4,000 m2
Budget: € 17,5 m
Competition: 2010
Designed by 3XN Team – Kim Herforth Nielsen, Jan Ammundsen, Audun Opdal, Majbritt Lerche Madsen, Sofia Steffenoni, Eva Hviid-Nielsen, Mihewi Fürstenwald
Engineer: Orbicon|Leif Hansen 
Advisors: Hotel Pro Forma, Kollision, DGI Huse & Haller
FALKen (the Falcon) is a cultural building designed with clear reference to the movements and directions of Frederiksberg, a refined neighborhood in Copenhagen, Denmark. The cultural building is shaped by the surrounding urban space and gently adapts to the existing built environment. Thus FALKen is experienced as a natural integrated part of the area and at the same time makes its individual mark within the context of the area.


FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN

The cultural building is placed towards the southernmost corner of the building site, on one of the most significant locations of the ‘Revykvarter’; a historical area known for its former past in ‘theatrical entertainment’.  This visibility is key to the profile of the cultural building and aims to generate a positive focus on the activities inside.

FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN FALKen by 3XN

FALKen appears light and transparent with a close connection between the functions inside and the outside facilities. The cultural building is characterized by a variety of single and double high spaces making room for multifarious types of activities. The activities are divided into seven zones opening up into one large open space. All zones are visually connected to a central room and physically connected by a series of straight running stairs creating a dynamic and adventurous pathway.

The objective for FALKen is to provide the framework for developing a vibrant leisure life including new and unconventional cultural activities in the area of Frederiksberg. By offering a range of unexpected experiences within play, exercise and culture; as well as more traditional activities the cultural building will pique the user’s curiosity without overwhelming them.

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