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Outer Chair by Alex Dorfman

Outer Alex Dorfman

This interesting design for the chair named “Outer Chair” comes from the drawing board of Alex Dorfman.

Outer Alex DorfmanOuter Alex DorfmanOuter Alex Dorfman

From the Designer: Outer

Chair is a Danish inspired outdoor dining chair designed in Copenhagen. It tells a story of a strong city with a deep history. One rooted in simplicity as much as it in mystery. The use of steel and triangular supports allude to this strength, while the use of a single pure white and one material represent the simplicity in Danish design. What is most important though is the mystery and excitement that Copenhagen has to offer. A city as old as Copenhagen grows in waves and rebuilds and recedes and stays the same as much as it changes. The Outer Chair has mysteries and secrets just the same. The most obvious of which is one of my favorite aspects of the chair. The rotating squares that make up the seat end with a small square in the center. However, the true inner square can only be viewed from directly above and is not actually part of the seat but rather makes up the intersections of the central supporting bars of the legs.

Project: Outer Chair
Designed by Alex Dorfman

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