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Choreographic Center of Georgia by Shin Takamatsu Architect

Shin Takamatsu Architect

Project: Choreographic Center
Designed by Shin Takamatsu Architect & Associates
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Investing in fine arts Georgia is set to build Choreographic Center in the honor of legendary ballerina Nina Ananiashvili hired for the design task are Shin Takamatsu Architect & Associates. For more images of the design and architects description continue after the jump:

Shin Takamatsu ArchitectShin Takamatsu ArchitectShin TakamatsuChoreographic Center Georgia

From the Designers:

Georgia has produced many eminent ballerinas. Especially, Nina Ananiashvili has acquired international fame. This ballet school was decided the construction by her foundation for not only training young ballerinas but also praising her achievement. The required program consisting of 600 seats ballet hall, ballerina training facility, studio, and residence is very simple. The client required the architect to propose an idea concerning the new multi-complex which has prerequisite, and a symbolic design which exalts the achievement of one person. Two proposals, “CORPS” and “AMPLITUDE” were submitted. The “CORPS” is an idea that supports a large horizontal roof by 2000 slim wooden columns, and is in the motif of “Corps de Ballet”. The “AMPLITUDE” also basically has the same composition as “CORPS”, but the characteristics of this idea, undulation of the large roof symbolizes a charm point of Nina’s dance, “large amplitude”.

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