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  • Playmaker Showroom by DRA&U

    Project: Playmaker Showroom Designed by DRA&U Architects Team Project: Giorgio Pini, Simone Luciani, Livia Campana Structural Engineering: Giuseppe Picchi Executive Project: Annapina Di Filippo Geodesic Engineering: Simone Luciani, Yana Ivanova Location: Rome, Italy Website: The eye-catching design for Playmaker Showroom in Rome is work of DRA&U Architecture Studio. There's more after the jump: More

  • Disaster Prevention and Education Center by DRA&U

    Project: Disaster Prevention and Education Center Designed by DRA&U Architects Partner in Charge: Giorgio Pini, Annapina Di Filippo Team: Yana Ivanova, Simone Luciani, Livia Campana  Client: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Site Area: 27 000 sqm Project Area: 9 355 sqm  Location: Istanbul, Turkey  Website: Infinity comes as a strong symbolic behind the Disaster Prevention and Education Center design by DRA&U architects, horizontal and vertical patterns is something […] More

  • Busan Opera House by Vladimir Ivanovi?

    Project: Busan Opera House Designed by Vladimir Ivanovi? Design Team: Radoica Radonjic , Dragan Savovic Project area: 60 000 sqm Client: The Busan International Architectural Culture Festival Organizing Committee Location: Busan, South Korea Website: Vladimir Ivanovi? shares with us his impressive design for the much talked about Busan Opera House compettion, for more images and architects description continue after the jump: More

  • Wine Museum by DRA&U Architects

    Project: Wine Museum  Designed by DRA&U Architects Architect Team: Simone Luciani, Livia Campana, Giorgio Pini, Annapina Di Filippo, Yana Ivanova Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile Client: Asociacion de Vinedos de Chile Website: For Wine Museum project design in Santiago de Chile designers at DRA&U Architects create a 100 meter high proposal project. For more images and architects description continue after […] More

  • Industrial Rossi Sud Complex by DRA&U

    Project: Industrial Rossi Sud Complex Designed by DRA&U Architect Team: Simone Luciani, Livia Campana, Flavia Garzia, Simone Coppola, Manlio Leo Location: Latina, Italy Client: Province of Latina Project Area: 24000 sqm Website: A cultural note added up to Rossi Industrial complex in Latina is work of architectural team at DRA&U, the multi-functional building will provide space for performance activities and exhibition areas. More