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Busan Opera House by Vladimir Ivanović

Opera Vladimir Ivanović

Project: Busan Opera House
Designed by Vladimir Ivanović
Design Team: Radoica Radonjic , Dragan Savovic
Project area: 60 000 sqm
Client: The Busan International Architectural Culture Festival Organizing Committee
Location: Busan, South Korea
Vladimir Ivanović shares with us his impressive design for the much talked about Busan Opera House compettion, for more images and architects description continue after the jump:

Opera Vladimir IvanovićOpera Vladimir IvanovićOpera Vladimir IvanovićOpera Vladimir IvanovićOpera Vladimir IvanovićOpera Vladimir IvanovićOpera Vladimir IvanovićOpera Vladimir Ivanović

From the Architect:

The spirit of Opera can be developed only by architecture which joins in a whole some of the common points of human existence. In contemporary life, a need for a human has developed to the limits to, at least for a moment; go back to places which in his/her entire memory represent places of peace and rest. Relaxing after everyday efforts, by which the body and the soul are exposed, gains the sense of myth of healing in modern life.

The location of Opera in many views represents a place which should, for Busan, take the role of a mediator between a human and the joy provided by resting and relaxing. The wisdom lies in places in nature. The ability of locating natural resources for intimacy and differentiating the place of an individual in a great plan of existence is a means of moving around in that area. This is of great importance for survival nowadays.

According to the existing tradition, Opera is almost unknown, going to it is an adventure of honor, fame and prestige, illusion and an unattainable dream of most people. By renouncing something that may naturally belong to it – a greater part of the ground floor – opera demonstrates a close way of adapting itself by attracting the activities of everyday life in its environment, opening space for encounter of both people and the spirit. Everyone is familiar with the fact that the nature is filled with spiritual content. Spiritual, as the essential initiator of life of revealing, is in nature. Wishing to be the extension of everyday life Opera has to do that in a close way, adapting itself by attracting the environment into its wings, keeping the balance with the environment through integration with it so that the relationship could exist independently   and in harmony. This way of accustoming and adapting is based on especially sensitive relations. The repetition of going in nature slowly becomes a habit, and the habit becomes a necessity.

    The place where you are right now is Opera house. Visits to Opera house will eventually become a ritual because the environment has a great influence on people which is manifested with its magical and breathtaking atmosphere.  It is a good way of experiencing Opera and her contents as an expansion of the idea of change and renewal in everyday life. There are numerous outdoor and indoor activities such as games, relaxation, recreation, climbing to the top of the buildings and so enjoying a breathtaking view, and passing from one top to the other as well. All of this is a path that will open up Opera and set its spirit  free and so enable the communication with the soul of the user. Nature and relaxation have always been the most important source of energy renewal.

   The structure of the complex is experienced as a wave. It reminds on overlapping and dancing of waves so that Opera blends in with the environment. 

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