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  • NYC Aids Memorial Park by estudioOCA urbanism and landscape

    Project: NYC Aids Memorial Park Designed by estudioOCA urbanism and landscape Project Team:  Bryan Cantwell, Ignacio Ortinez, Andy Hill  Location: New York, USA Website: NYC Aids Memorial Park design shaped by studioOCA urbanism and landscape, see more of the design along with architects description after the jump: More

  • Washington Square Plaza by estudioOCA

    Project: Washington Square Plaza Designed by estudioOCA Project Team: Bryan Cantwell, Ignacio Ortinez Image Credit: Bryan Cantwell Services Provided: Conceptual Design Project Size: 20 700 sqf Location: San Francisco, California, USA Website: Architects at estudioOCA make the most of space provided for the design of Washington Square Plaza in San Francisco. View more of their project after the jump: More