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Creating a Modern Office Environment to Get the Most Out of Your Working Day

Offices and workplaces have changed a great deal in recent decades. In many ways, the advent of the Web and the export of Silicon Valley thinking and tech start-up culture have changed the way we think about our office spaces. The fact that many offices in Silicon Valley take a creative approach to workplace productivity by allowing dogs, casual clothing and game rooms has, in some small way, influenced our perceptions of what an office can be and should be.

Improvements in Productivity

The colourful corporate experience of Silicon Valley alone suggests that we’re a long way from Henry Ford’s vision of an orderly and ultra-efficient workplace where employees are treated as resources, but in many ways our offices still have a lot to do to catch up. Workplace and labour studies suggest that employee productivity can be improved in the following ways.

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The visual design of an office can have a huge impact on the way employees respond to their work environment. A visually cohesive office design by a company such as Saracen Interiors can make working in the office a more pleasant experience. As humans, we respond strongly to visual stimuli, and an office environment that has strong visual cues and strong visual ties to its intended operation provides employees with a sense of unity and cohesion.

Recent studies also suggest that employees that work in an office space without windows and natural light tend to be unhappy in their environment throughout the working day. The simple installation of windows, where possible, can improve this aspect of employee satisfaction and lead to greater levels of daily productivity. The allowance of natural light into the office environment also connects the inside working space with the outside environment and creates a valuable connection with the natural body clocks of workers, so that they are aware of the world outside and are also aware of time both inside and outside of the office.

By employing a professional team with plenty of office design experience, one can transform the working space into a visually cohesive environment where form also follows function. Many offices are ill designed and do not allow the free movement of employees, or take into account the evolution of technology and the changes it requires in the way an office is functionally designed. By connecting the visual form and design of the office with the underlying philosophies of how employees move and what they need to do to get work done, a custom designed office can offer a working environment that perfectly answers the daily needs of those who work there. This boosts both efficiency and productivity.

Employing an Experienced Design Team

There is no doubt that custom designed workplaces offer a number of productivity improvements. By focusing on the satisfaction levels of employees and creating an office where form follows function, expert design companies are transforming the way that people work.

All images from: Winklevoss Capital Management Offices

Door County Home by Johnsen Schmaling Architects

Casa Camino a Farellones by Max Nunez Arquitectos