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How Massage Chairs are Uglying Up Living Spaces Everywhere

Massage Chairs
I recently had a dinner party at my friend’s house, and I was flabbergasted at the sight of his living room. It had beautiful ornaments adorning the wall along with family photos. It looked like they were taken by some professional photographer.

Soft plush carpets. An elegant set of sofa and a glass and mahogany center table that you’d fall in love with at first sight. Everything in that living room screamed elegance and beauty. I fell in love with that living room until I saw the big fat massaging chair.

It was black and had a fake leather cover. It sure was expensive, but it ruined the aesthetics of the entire living room. It was repulsive and irritated me to the point that I just had to ask my friend. Why? Why would you go on to ruin this beautiful living room with that ugly massaging chair? Everything in your living room screams magnificence, and you destroy it with that massaging chair made for middle-aged men.

He laughed at my comment, which at first seemed odd to me but then he just asked me to have a go at it. As I reluctantly took a seat, he started to talk about how in so many ways, a massaging chair has made his quality of life much better. It was so relaxing that I dozed off a bit. As soon as I returned home, I ordered one for me as well, I found the best massage chairs reviewed brilliantly on Homesthetics, great job these guys did! Don’t get me wrong; nothing matters more to me than how my place looks, but I am willing to make this sacrifice given so many advantages. And I have no regrets.

Let’s dive into it.

Benefits of Massaging chair

1. Relaxing on it is like heaven

I love nothing more than relaxing on the chair after a long day of work. It’s become a part of my ritual to read a book and have some green tea as I lay relaxing on the chair. Studies exhibit that massage therapy helps with stress symptoms. It enables you to alleviate it on both physical and psychological levels. Throughout my day at work, I push myself to the limit. I put so much stress on myself, meeting deadlines and pleasing my superiors that it puts an excessive toll on my body. I develop sore muscles because of it, and a massaging chair is a great way to loosen them up.

So, relaxing on a massage chair is not only great based on my feelings, but it’s backed by science. And to be honest, I don’t care; I feel fantastic after an hour on it.

Massage Chairs

2. It’s great for the body

My massaging chair has a feature called zero gravity in which it reclines entirely to the back and studies tell that it’s excellent for my spine. Supposedly, it decompresses and improves the spine alignment which is excellent for my back. So, I need to spend an extra hour on zero gravity. Come, on it’s good for my health! Studies also show that it can also help you to improve posture, flexibility and can alleviate headaches and pain. I can feel it myself. My body feels more agile, and I feel more energetic than before after only using it for a week.

3. Improves blood flow and immunity

Massage helps improve blood circulation in your body. A higher blood flow means more energy and more active muscles. Massage chair assists improve blood circulation as well with their mechanical massage option. Techniques like rolling, kneading, tapping and gripping help to increase blood flow in your body and it makes you more energetic and active throughout the day. Better blood flow helps with speeding up the recovery of injuries, improves the functioning of kidneys as they release toxins faster out of the body and it stimulates the hormone glands to release more endorphin. Endorphin makes people happier and helps alleviate stress.

Apart from improved blood circulation, massage chairs also help in developing immunity. Studies have shown that an hour-long massage increases lymphocytes count in your body. If you don’t know what lymphocytes are, they are the white blood cells in your bloodstream which fight incoming pathogens in your body. Not only it aids the production of WBCs in your body, but it helps in their circulation as well because whenever you breathe or your muscles contacts, WBCs travel in your body fighting infections and improving your immunity.

Massage Chairs

4. Better mental health

I have never had a lousy slumber after I started using my massaging chair. Studies also back that up by saying that massage therapy reduces fatigue and helps with sleep. It increases delta waves which are the brain waves affiliated with deep sleep. I feel this as well because I’d often fall asleep on my chair, and wake up every morning feeling more rested and upbeat. Studies also show that massage therapy helps release hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins which makes one feel happy. It’s great news because it helps combat depression and anxiety. Now, I wouldn’t say that if one has depression, they should get a massage chair. Seek proper help in that matter. But it’ll surely help everyday folks to feel a little bit cheerier.

Final Words

All in all, a massaging chair is not a buy, it’s an investment. It has improved my quality of life by many folds. And it may be ugly to some folks, but in my life, I come first. I can’t imagine how skeptic I was about it because of its looks and never cared to weigh in its benefits. But now I do. I have made this addition to my living room, and I don’t regret it a single bit. It has improved my sleep, made me happier, improved my blood flow and immunity, and it also has made me more flexible, agile and charged up all the time.

I couldn’t have guessed how much I was missing on if it weren’t for that friend of mine.

I hope this guide was of help to you and I can’t recommend you enough to get a massage chair!

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