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Lassa Architects Design A Contemporary Dream House

Architects have taken the best of the remote location while designing the project for Villa Ypsilon in Finikounda, Greece. The architects used a serene hillside to place the somewhat hidden home located in the south of Peloponnese peninsula.

Located in an olive grove in southern Peloponnese, this summer residence is characterized by an Ypsilon shaped green roof that acts as both an accessible extension of the terrain, while framing the most significant views from the inside out. The project was designed by London and Brussels based architects Theo Sarantoglou Lalis and Dora Sweijd from LASSA architects ( The roof’s bifurcating pathways define three courtyards that form distinct hemispheres with specific occupancy depending on the course of the sun. The house is located on the top of a hill which provides vistas towards the bay of Schiza and Sapientza as well as mountain views towards the east. The height of the house is limited to the tip of the olive trees to enable its integration with the surrounding landscape. – from Lassa Architects

The project masterfully plays with contemporary design lines while making the best of it’s dominant concrete shell, mixing in various parts of the surrounding, along with a green rooftop.

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