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Crafting Space and Nature: The RD House by Nasjelti Arquitectos

Blending modern design with Argentina’s natural canvas.

Photography Gonzalo Virmonte

In the heart of Argentina’s Sierras Chicas, within the lush environs of Mendiolaza, Córdoba, stands the RD House, a testament to architectural ingenuity and environmental reverence. Crafted by the acclaimed Nasjelti Arquitectos, this project emerges as a harmonious blend of modern design and natural beauty, completed in 2023 and spanning 210.00m2.


Perched amidst a site replete with native forest and a striking slope, RD House is an architectural marvel that both observes and honors its surroundings. With biodiversity as its guiding star, every aspect of the house—from its strategic location on the plot to the choice of materials—was meticulously chosen to respect and enhance the natural setting. Positioned to optimize views, sunlight, and wind, the house integrates seamlessly into the land’s contours, creating a diverse array of outdoor spaces that celebrate the terrain’s unique features.

Photography Gonzalo Virmonte

Designed to fulfill a client’s vision of a compact yet expansive home, RD House maximizes its footprint through smart adaptation to the sloping topography. The layout fosters integrated living spaces, with the kitchen and dining-living areas designed to support an engaging social atmosphere, all while capturing breathtaking landscape vistas and ensuring optimal orientation for light and air.

The architecture itself tells a story of balance and dynamism, merging the solidity of traditional construction with the lightness of modern, modular steel structures. The foundation, rooted in masonry, supports the delicate steel “W” profiles that stretch across the property, culminating in an elegant cantilever that serves as a panoramic observatory for the awe-inspiring views. This structural duality is further accentuated by the choice of materials, where the functional areas of the house are defined by simple, white plaster volumes, and the living spaces are characterized by dark grey sheet metal, offering a stark contrast and a visual connection with the natural surroundings.

Photography Gonzalo Virmonte

Outdoor living is elevated to an art form at RD House, with a series of terraces that provide a stage for nature’s spectacle. The use of concrete and gabions filled with local stones evokes the rugged beauty of the mountains, while native flora enhances the connection to the Cordoba Sierras. From gardens to poolsides, each terrace offers a unique experience, inviting inhabitants to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the outdoors.

RD House stands as a symbol of architectural elegance and environmental integration. It reflects a deep appreciation for the natural world, illustrating how human creativity can coexist with nature in a manner that is both respectful and inspiring. This project not only showcases the exceptional talent of Nasjelti Arquitectos but also serves as a beacon for sustainable and thoughtful design in the magnificent landscape of Córdoba, Argentina.

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