Archiscene Advice: Questions to Help Ensure You Hire Reputable Pool Service 

Having a pool is a great idea, however once you own a property with a pool you quickly find out you do need a reputable pool service – Archiscene editors investigate and prepare few important notes:

Photo by ©Marc Tey courtesy of Wallflower Architecture + Design

If you own horses and other animals on for example several acres in San Antonio, you’ll probably want to hire a trusted ranch hand to help keep up with everything. The same is true if you design yourself a beautiful home on a location such as San Diego with a luxurious pool as your backyard centerpiece. You’ll want to hire a reputable San Diego pool service to keep your pool pristine. But, if you search online for ‘best pool service near me’ how do you know if the company is actually reputable?

There are some questions you can consider that will help you choose the best one for your needs. 

How Many Years in Business? 

As you would expect, there are many San Diego pool service providers in the area. After all, it’s one of the cities with the best weather for owning a private pool. However, this also means there are companies that can crop up basically overnight, without any experience at all. To help make sure you find one that knows what it’s doing, it’s good to know they’ve been in business for many years.  When you go with one that has spent years perfecting its techniques, that’s a good sign they have plenty of satisfied customers.  It’s also a better chance you can enter into a long-term partnership because they’re probably still going to be in business years down the line.

Photo by ©Marc Tey courtesy of Wallflower Architecture + Design

How is Customer Service? 

You probably want to find a San Diego pool service that doesn’t mind answering your questions and offers recommendations for what’s right for your specific home, backyard and pool. No two pools are the same, and a customer-centric company will help you understand and customize their services for your needs.   

You want people coming to your home to be friendly and helpful. They should also be readily available to respond to emergencies that occur or even to discuss special, longer-term projects. If you have a hard time contacting someone on the phone, this might indicate they’re overwhelmed or not focused enough on their customers

Photo by ©Marc Tey courtesy of Wallflower Architecture + Design

 Licensed and Insured? 

Accidents happen, even to the best experts. For this reason, make sure the company you use is licensed and insured. This will allow you to recoup any losses you incur due to unforeseen mistakes. For example, if the company accidentally damages the decorative tile in your pool, the insurance policy will reimburse you for the repairs.  

Additionally, make sure the company’s license is current. This ensures the company is in good standing with the state and that the employees have received the proper training to work on your pool. Not everyone can get a pool service license, so going with a licensed company means you’ve chosen one that has gone through the required steps to be legitimate. 

Photo by ©Marc Tey courtesy of Wallflower Architecture + Design

Subcontracted Repairs?

On occasion, your pool service may recommend repairs to your pool, which is normal due to natural wear-and-tear over the years. Most San Diego pool service companies offer repairs, but not all of them actually perform the work themselves. Instead, some will subcontract repair work to other companies. While there are some good benefits to working with subcontractors, as the customer you have no control over who’s assigned to do the work on your pool.

As a pool owner who has significant resources invested in your pool, you deserve to know exactly who’s doing the work. For that reason, be sure to ask if they have an in-house team that does any necessary repairs or if they subcontract that work to a third company. You may pay a little more, but you can be more confident with a company that does the work themselves and stands behind the quality of those repairs.

Photo by ©Marc Tey courtesy of Wallflower Architecture + Design


Before hiring just any company, make sure to do a little homework on their history and background as well as ask questions to learn about their customer service and level of expertise. You could ask for some info on what size of pools they work on, whether saltwater pools or freshwater, and even types of repairs they’ve done. Considering the above questions will help you narrow down your top options. You’ve invested valuable time and money into creating your backyard oasis centered on your swimming pool. Now, you need a reputable high quality San Diego pool service to keep it looking fantastic.

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