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Eco Bridge by Taranta Creations

Eco Bridge

Project: Eco Bridge
Designed by Taranta Creations
Location: Chongqing, China
Shaped with an avant-garde sentiment Eco-Bridge design for Chongqing district in China is work of  Taranta Creations. For more images and info continue after the jump:

Eco BridgeEco BridgeEco BridgeEco Bridge

About the Project:

The Eco Bridge was designed for the Chongqing municipality. This suspension bridge is a piece of engaging sculptural infrastructure, displaying different aesthetical and functional features depending of the view. Observed from the top, the structure reveals a dragon-like shape- a composition of graceful curvatures supporting the gridded roof that diffuses the sun’s glare from above. Seen from the side, the complexity of the bridge is translated into a simple sinuous curvature that gently traverses the river. The platform of the bridge is interconnecting with the green mountain sides, blurring the line between natural surroundings and man-made design.

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