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Hotel Liesma by Jevgenijs Busins & Liva Banka

Hotel Liesma

Project: Proposal Hotel Liesma
Designed by Jevgenijs Busins, Liva Banka
Collaborator: Sandra Laganovska, SIA „Arhitekta Modra ?elža birojs” 
Client: Hotel Liesma
Site Area: 15,000 sqm
Project Floor Area: 10,300 sqm
Location: Jurmala, Latvia
Jevgenijs Busins shares with us their Hotel Liesma design created in collaboration with Liva Banka, wave shaped facades give a unique look to this music themed hotel project. For more images and architects description continue after the jump:

From the Architecture:

Proposal is designed for music-themed upscale Hotel Competition in Jurmala, Latvia. It is the meeting point of waves and coast, wind and pine-trees, ideas and people, various music rhythms and audition.  Music has the power to stop time. An oasis of peace hides behind the shape of the dynamic hotel like calmness subsists in the deep below the waves of the sea. The hotel is a place where to offload the daily stress, to gain the peace of the soul, the feeling of freedom and harmony with the environment. It is the uniformity with lights and shadows, color tones and textures, forms and sounds.

Hotel Liesma

Architecture of the building is characterized by calisthenics of facades. The basic construction has remained untouched but facade has been changed completely. The facade has a wavy shape with vertical wooden constructions. Hence the classical traditions of architecture of Jurmala have been honored. Wooden materials in various tones and factures are used as the predominant materials in the design. The rhythm of vertical lines of glued pine wood  gives the building an appeal as it associates with boles of the wood and embraces the building in the landscape of Jurmala.

Hotel LiesmaHotel Liesma

Transparent and frosted glass is used in the external design behind the wooden constructions. Hence the external pattern is independent and is characterized by form of free plastics. The musical form of the building has been achieved by using the parametric principles of architecture: both internal and external design is dominated by wavy lines, parametric plastics and rhythmical modeling of bearing constructions. It is of particular importance that wavy design has been achieved by rather simple elements – straight frames which form wavy effects by changing parametrically. Such solution does not increase the costs of building. Frames that change the blocks of rooms of the Soviet building form rectangle to musical, rhythmical form are not there only for decoration – these frames are basic structure for wavy balconies. In this way the spacious balconies do not only allow enjoying the rustling sea, observing the changing colors of the sky during sun sets or simply watching the sun but also serves as natural shading for rooms of lower floors. As well, the frames of the facade form shading hence protecting from overheating in hot summer days. It is worth mentioning that facades that are more open for the sun feature larger balcony extensions than those which are less impacted by the sun.

Hotel LiesmaHotel LiesmaHotel Liesma

In the complex of the buildings the block of rooms and most of the lobby block have been retained which is an advantage for this proposal. The complex buildings feature three different but organized zones. First, the public zone with conference halls and a restaurant (a kitchen and supplies have been organized in a basement under the zone), Second, recreational zone with swimming pool. Third, the zone of hotel rooms. Functionally they have been separated but the planning is done to eliminate the feeling of seclusion for visitors. Therefore, the planning allows visitors to glance over every detail and fluently move from one zone to other. It has been achieved with galleries and wide lobbies with small lounges and large outdoor terraces.

Hotel LiesmaHotel LiesmaHotel LiesmaHotel Liesma

The objective of the proposal in not only to attribute a musical form to the architecture of the hotel but, most importantly, creating a building which brings into different environment where musical spirit resides. Proper elements in interior and exterior help to achieve the aim and bring in comfort, silence and beauty. Grand piano and chosen interior materials such as glass, crystal, silk, linen and wood, portraits of musicians and silenced sounds of music characterizes the hotel. Small stages are planned inside and outside of the hotel. It is done so to loosen up visitors and make them feel free.

Hotel Liesma

The composition of the hotel includes seaside nature elements – decorative ponds and fountains, inside waterfalls built into glass structures, electrical fireplaces in rooms that correspond modern tendencies and traditions of antique homes. The main element of the organization of the construction and territory is the musical emphasis – a pavilion in large area of water. It is association with a shell and vinyl record that is a source of fluent sounds. The great design of the hotel sparkles in evening sun beams. The visitors will be granted with white sand, rustles of pine-trees and great emotions when walking along the shore of the sea. The hotel will serve as a continuation of beach accents like accords in music. It will be a place to return to…

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