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Rail Station by Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos

Rafael de La-Hoz

Project: Puerta Umbría High Speed Rail Station
Designed by Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos
Location: Huelva, Spain
Project for the Puerta Umbría High Speed Rail Station with its outstanding design is work of Rafael de La-Hoz architects. For more continue after the jump:

Rafael de La-HozRafael de La-HozRafael de La-HozRafael de La-HozRafael de La-HozRafael de La-HozRafael de La-HozRafael de La-HozRafael de La-HozRafael de La-Hoz

From the Architects:

Maybe the Latin locution “Tabula Rasa” better summarizes the dual concept of our project. On the one hand, the first meaning is synonymous for oversight and at the same time for a beginning. This gestural action frees us of old prejudices, allowing us to be begin the drawing of a new concept or the narration of a new time.

Overwhelmed by so many superfluous and the excessive architectures made of arrogant arches with extravagant curves and with so much semeiotic of the power attributes, we proposed an elementary architectural gesture, a plane, a ceiling, a board. It is a “Tabula Rasa”.

It is a simple plane, a democratic ceiling for receiving, protecting and giving shade. It is an architrave Architecture of straight lines that is situated on marshland soils with the solid ground is at a depth of 35 m and with the logic foundational technique of using the minimum number of possible supports.

Four pillars support a board, a perforated cover that transforms the shadow in half-light, and qualifies it as a shady place. We call the front “triumphal arch”, which is like an expression of the success. We propose that the open door communicate welcome. It is the entrance and the exit door from which we recognize all the terminal stations.

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