Bedroom Design Trends for 2021 to Have on Your Radar

Check out some of the bedroom design trends for 2021 that may help you turn your bedroom into the perfect haven

The beginning of the new year is a great time to plan out your goals and objectives for the year and think about changes you want to make in your life to make them happen. If you’re like many people and have been spending more time at home due to the global pandemic, you’re probably looking for ways to make your house more comfortable and appealing.


It’s wise to pay attention to the look and feel of your bedroom. This is where you rest and recharge, after all, and get the energy and healing you require to meet life’s challenges. When shopping online for the newest interior design trends make sure to use Lazada coupon codes to get a great deal. Check out some of the bedroom design trends for 2021 that may help you turn your bedroom into the perfect haven.

More Headboards

In 2021 you’ll see headboards making a big comeback as people move from minimalistic focus to more interest in making a statement. Upholstered headboards with big, bold shapes can help create a focal point in the room since they act almost like art pieces. As such, they can transform a bedroom. They can give your room a boutique hotel vibe, especially if you opt for products in bright colors with patterned fabrics.

Headboards allow you to show off your personality in your room and can be coordinated with your wallpaper, bedding, and other design choices. When shopping for a new headboard, it pays to invest as much as your budget allows and get the largest size the room and your wallet can afford. This will have the most impact and ensure you get a quality product, too.

Statement Beds

2021 is shaping up to be the “year of the bed,” with many people buying statement beds that dominate their rooms. Instead of having matching furniture suites, many consumers are opting for a key bed piece that’s the first and foremost thing anyone sees when they enter the room. A statement bed is interesting, captivating, and fun for you to look at. Think about choosing a product with an out-of-the-box shape, striking pattern, vibrant color, or other bold design choices.

To achieve the ultimate look and feel in your bedroom, pair a statement bed with soft, comforting, quality bedding. Opt for items made out of more natural, breathable fabrics that help you achieve the optimum temperature when resting. Don’t forget to complete the set up with a luxury pillow suited to your sleeping style, such as back, side, or stomach. A hypoallergenic product that will hold onto less dust and other irritants helps those with asthma or allergies, too.

Focus on Regal Blues

While neutral colors and plain stark white have been “in” for years with the focus on Scandi and minimalist interior design, today, brighter color has its time to shine. In bedrooms in 2021, there is a trend towards more daring shades of blue to liven things up. For example, timeless navy, dark, and royal blues are showing up in bedrooms all over, not only on accessories such as quilt covers, blankets and curtains, but also wall paint, headboards, bed frames, chairs and other furniture.

When it comes to pairing blue with other accents, you’ll never go wrong with crisp white – the traditional nautical style. However, if you prefer to mix things up a bit and add more depth to the room, opt for taupe or gray accents. Alternatively, warm the space up further with the addition of metallic accessories and fittings and fixtures.

Clever Storage Options

Decluttering has been top of mind for the last few years, partly due to the phenomenon of Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy” cleaning and organizing method. However, no matter how strict most families try to be with their buying habits, possessions still add up more quickly than a storage room can accommodate for. It’s no surprise, then, that another bedroom design trend for 2021 is incorporating smart storage options wherever possible.

Having adequate storage in your bedroom will help you de-stress and rest easier because you won’t go to bed looking at a pile of “stuff” that has nowhere to go. Get your room organized by looking for ways to incorporate streamlined, well-considered, bespoke joinery that seamlessly blends in. A sleek finish with flush-fronted doors is aesthetically pleasing, makes spaces seem bigger, and creates a less-cluttered look for a better night’s sleep.

Revamping a bedroom is generally a fun task that can become even more enjoyable when you look to current trends for inspiration. You don’t have to be a slave to these ideas, but use them to help you find better ways of doing things, so you end up with the bedroom of your dreams.

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