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Ways to Create a Dining Room in a Small Apartment

Dining Room

You will agree with us that space is nothing less than a luxury today, more so if you live in a small apartment. If you want to revamp your place, and are looking for ways to create a dining room in your cozy apartment and nothing seems to work out – don’t get disheartened yet.

We have your back! In this article, we will explore five ways through which you can create a functional dining area even when you are short on space.

Expandable and folding

With some really smart furniture ideas out there in the market, it’s easy to make space for everything and anything. For creating a dining space in a small apartment, have you ever considered investing in a foldable and expandable dining table? Foldable furniture can be used as per your needs. You can just use it as a table on a normal day and open it up fully on big occasions like having a get-together. It’s convenient to use with no storage problems. Further, you can fold it away and take it out during meal times. Also, you don’t have to worry about dusting it every day.  Obtaining this sort of furniture always comes with functionality on your mind.

Don’t go by the set rules

Who says, dining area necessarily should be a part of your kitchen. If your kitchen isn’t spacious enough to accommodate a dining table, it’s time to be extra creative. You can find creative ways to create a dining room in other spaces of your apartment, one that will accentuate the space even well.

Think of an area in your apartment that is occupied but is rarely used for any purpose. Reinvent such spaces with Stanley furniture on Luxedecor, add a small table and few chairs, decorate it well with table runners, mats and cushions and you are set to eat your meals in a much cozier place.

Dining Room

Use walls effectively

The best space to set up a dining room is against a big blank wall. A dining table doesn’t necessarily mean having a table in the center and putting chairs all around it. Unite your dining table with the wall and keep chairs in a semi-circle to keep it spacious and well organized. You can also choose to relocate it on occasions and in normal days shift it aside to enjoy extra space.

Plan systematically

You can’t afford to buy a huge six-chair dining table when living in a small apartment and then think hard upon finding suitable space for it. With some of the smart moves of rearranging certain stuff in your kitchen, you can create a cozy and small dining space in your kitchen. By reallocating your kitchenware up against the shelves on the walls, you can create extra  space and accommodate comfy table and chairs.

Dining Room for 8 people

This stunning dining room above comes from the Lake Rose apartment project by the talented creatives at the GFD Architecture Practice. The architects found an elegant way to fit in a circular table for eight – tour the whole project.

Hit two birds with one stone

You can also choose to serve two purposes by setting up a dining space. You can use it as a dining table for meals and as a workspace when you need a proper place to concentrate. This way you can exclude your study room and use a space for two purposes.

The Next Steps

Ponder upon these creative ways for creating a dining room in your small apartment. The key here is to try and experiment.

Liyang Museum by CROX

Liyang Museum by CROX

Northcote House 02 by STAR Architecture