Top Tips To Improve Your Kitchen Look

One of the most important rooms in any household is the kitchen. The amount of utilities that is relied upon in this room is significant and ultimately supports you making food and potentially sitting down to have it (if you have a kitchen / dining room). The lifespan with a kitchen is pretty long however some elements can get pretty tired and worn therefore you could consider a partial makeover to fresh it up slightly. Depending on the amount of money you are prepared to spend on this, you could make some slight subtle changes to help improve the look or you could go for a complete remodelling of the kitchen to get exactly what it is you are looking for with the space you have.

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One of the assets in the kitchen that can look particularly tired quite easily is the kitchen worktops. Depending on how you use this will have an influencing factor as to its condition. For example, if you use the worktop a lot and do not protect the surface when you are chopping vegetables then you are going to get a lot of obvious scratches and scores that damage it. There are many different types of worktops of different looks and style. If you go to the top range then you are looking at marble one that are awesome to look at but could set you back a couple of quid. A suggestion would be to look online at various kitchen photographs to get some ideas in advance on the look you are looking for then go to a kitchen sales store and see what they have. Installing the worktop itself is not particularly difficult however it may be something you want to call on a joiner to do on your behalf. Bear in mind that you will need to dispose of the current worktop that you have and it won’t fit in the bin therefore it will require you to take it to the local dump or arrange collection.


There are many appliances in a kitchen that you will just take for granted. Whether it be the toaster, microwave or fridge, there is always a new version of the appliance just round the corner and no doubt a better version that you currently have. It is important that you don’t get too engrossed in the latest kitchen fads, otherwise you would no doubt have to store a lot of these in a cupboard due to lack of use. Examples of this being, juicers, ice makers, doughnut makers, egg cookers etc. All of these serve a purpose but the use of them may not be significant and if you have a lot of this out in display in your kitchen, it could actually be classed as clutter or junk. There are certainly appliances that with upgrades offer some good use. For example, a lot of fridges nowadays have the facility for you to get ice from it by placing you glass underneath the nozzle. Most modern fridges now have this facility. The message we are trying to give here is that you can make upgrades to appliances or even purchase new appliances but don’t just buy things for the sake of it if it doesn’t serve a purpose in your home.


The large majority of kitchens in the UK actually have laminate flooring. You generally will not find many kitchens that have carpets. In terms of how the flooring can improve the look, you should look at what is the recent trends in terms of flooring, tiling or laminate. Take into consideration the colours and furniture you have in here already. For example, if you have a dining set in the kitchen that is made of wood, you may wish to consider wooden or oak flooring. These type of options have a good longevity (as long as you do not purchase sub-standard materials). When it comes to installation of flooring then this can be a bit of a difficult task to complete. A lot of people think that they can tackle this themselves however the risk with this is that there is a lot of cutting required so you not only need to make sure you have enough material (and more than enough in case you make a mistake) but you have the correct tools. If you were to cut the material incorrectly then there is not a lot of room for error and this can be a pretty expensive mistake to make. Before starting this project have a reflection on this and take into consideration if it is better to pay a small fee to get a professional to do this rather than you tackle this yourself.

Images – Apartment in Tel Aviv by Aviram Kushmirski

True Blue Terrace by Nexus Designs

MATO by FCC Arquitectura