Lofos Bar by Ark4 Lab Of Architecture

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Ark4 Lab Of Architecture designed this stunning coffee shop located in Greece, in 2018. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: On the outskirts of the suburban area of Kilkis, someone can find himself in an art bistro bar, where the design of high aesthetics meets delicious cocktails. ‘’Lofos bar’’ is a masterclass of contemporary hospitality interior design, based on the purity of the materials and shapes used; a two-level, unified high ceiling space with large distinctive openings that integrate the café area to the periurban forest landscape. The variation in color and materiality as well as the two-level division blend harmoniously into a mosaic of spaces, each one of them with a unique and distinguishable quality and therefore a different way to be experienced.

The consistency in applying successive regular geometries on different scales of design, varying from the lighting fixtures to the furniture design, in addition to the way the space is structured overall, collaborates with a clear color palette in the shades of terracotta and salmon to a quite holistic result. Consequently, ‘’Lofos bar’’ is a space that borrows elements and forms from past decades, highly influenced by postmodernism, and expresses them through a minimalistic approach.


The space, through the selective unconventional use of materials, manages to provoke intense emotions to the users and at the same time to serve as a pleasant meeting and social interaction area. Thus, each area is defined by a single color choice, where the floor is unified with the sitting area highlighting either the geometry of a Viennese chair or the mix of heterogeneous materials, according to will.

The materials used are marbled strip coverings, velvet, terracotta mosaic, wooden surfaces, greenery in handmade clay pots as well as black marble coverings with golden detailing. On the walls and also on the floor, drawings with either regular or irregular shape can be spotted, firmly subjacent to a subtractive design process.

Photography by Nikos Vavdinoudis

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