Key Elements to Make Your Bedroom Look Like Royalty

Royalty can mean different things to different people. Crowns, jewels, and thrones are a few things that come to mind for most people. For centuries, it seemed as though the luxuries of royalty were only available to those born into privilege. Well, as time progressed, the luxuries of the world became more popular, and available to even those who weren’t fed with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Today, the look of royalty comes in many forms. You can display royalty in the clothes you wear, the jewelry you floss, and even the home you reside in. It’s fairly easy to portray a look of royalty in your attire, based off of the different designer brands and materials, but how can you give that portrayal in your home?

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Giving your home a look of royalty really isn’t that difficult. You just need to know the accents needed to give off a royal appearance. In this article, we’re going to look at some key elements that ma
ke your home fit for kings and queens.

Royal Color Palette

For centuries, colors have been known to have certain meanings and symbolisms. Some colors had good meanings with positive representations, such as love and purity, while some colors had negative connotations, reflective of evil and sadness. Colors that represent evil and sadness, are definitely not the look you’re going for. A great step in the right direction for a look of royalty is picking out a .

Purple has been revered for centuries as being the face of royalty and power. In fact, the color purple was so royal that Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t allow anyone except her close members of the royal family to wear it.

Adding purple to your home will surely present an elite status to any room. Purple drapes for your living room or a purple bedspread for your bedroom can make anyone one that visits you feel as though they’re part of your royal family.

The color gold also represents royalty. Gold has been admired as far back as the the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The beauty and value of gold is also the cause of the major gold rushes of the 1800s, so adding this magnificent color to your home will give the idea of wealth.

Complimenting your home with gold can come in many forms. Accenting an end table with a gold lamp can make any room feel as luxurious as a celebrity status gold chain.

Royal Textures

When it comes to royalty, textures are just as important as the colors. Texture is all about how something feels to the touch, whereas colors is more about what colors are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Velvet and silk are great textures to add to your home to give any room a “feel” of royalty. Accenting your couch or bed with silk and velvet throw pillows is a very popular, royal flare.

Royal Lighting

The go-to in royal lighting is, hands down, chandeliers. Having a chandelier in your home was definitely a status symbol that has evolved over the centuries. Chandeliers were typically seen in common rooms, but now they can be found in bedrooms.

When it comes to picking out the perfect chandelier for your home, keep in mind that it needs to be one that showcases your home in the best light.

Chandeliers in the bedroom now take you from regularly sleeping in your room to dreaming in a lap of luxury. Think about it, when it comes to seeing photos of the rich and famous, lighting is everything…same logic is applied to your home.

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