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The Brooklyn Heights Loft by Ensemble Architecture DPC

Ensemble Architecture DPC
team was in charge of the redesign of The Brooklyn Heights Loft a two level spaces taking on a converted YMCA building. The clients and today’s owner requested from the architecture practice for the space to be remodeled as a living space and a place where their massive collections of books and art can be housed as well as displayed.

The building itself was converted into apartments back in the 1980, architects from Ensemble practice where the first to renovate the space in three decades. The architects also had the task of actually removing the ceiling thus creating a more comfortable and spacious ceiling height.

The window wall at the open living / dining room was completely covered with adjustable bookshelves with window seats to contain their collection while hiding unattractive radiators and emphasizing the grand scale of the wall. The existing steel staircase was “re-dressed” to create an attractive and sculptural stair reminiscent of the huge, original building entry stair. A long line of painted wood hooks was placed at the entry beneath the stair for easy coat storage. The powder room at the entry was improved with a salvaged door, vintage wallpaper and a rewired, vintage chandelier. A new open kitchen was installed to replace the dark, cramped kitchen and a small found space behind pipes was utilized as a walk-in pantry. – from Ensemble Architecture DPC

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