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Villa Špindler?v Mlýn by ra15

ra15 designed this inspiring 150 m2 private residence located in Špindler?v Mlýn, Czech Republic, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: The motto is an archetype. The seat of the family is the foundation, architecturally expressed by elementary geometric form with local traditional elements. The client´s interest was to build an ancestral residence in a beautiful location, overlooking the spindle basin. The task was to devise a house that overcomes generations with its durability and form. Parents, like founders of an ancestral Cottage, will live here, children and grandchildren, will visit them. In winter on skis, in summer on the bike. Love of sport is one of the reasons for a meeting of the whole family.

Land and regulation options were so cramped, that a vila of built-up area 150 square meters had to have several floors. The ground floor of stone masonry is a local tradition, it is an imaginary solid foundation and serves as a backdrop of the house. The main residential floor, the center of life in the house, is used for housing of parents. The floor is transparent around the perimeter for wide views. The attic floor is designed for children, grandchildren or family guests. It is totally self-sufficient. The exterior form of the house is classic and based on traditions of the local folk architecture. It is horizontally structured on a plinth, residential floor, and a steep roof. Individual elements on the façade are copied from these traditions, but give them different meaning and function.


Traditional lining in the shield has newly acquired the function of a sunshade. The whole building, although it appears to be of classical materials, is built only from reinforced concrete and steel elements. The construction or façade does not use wood, although it can appear at first glance. The house, in its form, based in history, uses to its full extent modern materials – aluminum, concrete, glass, steel. The symbolic expression of the essence of the family is the analogy of the forms in the basic geometry, which is reflected in the expression of the house. A distinctive triangle of a shield and a circle as an eye to the landscape. The dominant substance of the chimney is a remembrance of the original object.

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