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Santiago Calatrava unveils Calatrava Boulevard in Düsseldorf, Germany

Discover this stunnin ew retail and office complex

Santiago Calatrava
Image courtesy of © Santiago Calatrava LLC

Renowned architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava has unveiled the concept for Düsseldorf’s Calatrava Boulevard, a complex that includes upscale dining options, shops, and office space. The new complex, which is situated on a prominent position between Königsallee Boulevard, Königstrasse, and Steinstrasse, has a 135-foot-tall roof that is curvy and vaulted and a flowing interior roadway that gives the impression of a sculptured, light-filled canyon. The project, which is being worked on in partnership with Uwe Reppegather, the founder and managing director of the CENTRUM Group, will be delivered in 2028.

Image courtesy of © Santiago Calatrava LLC

Düsseldorf, with its famous Königsallee, is an elegant, cosmopolitan city with a sophisticated aura. Working closely with both the City Council and CENTRUM, we were able to develop a balanced and innovative solution that both preserves the distinctive and traditional character of the “Kö” and creates new architectural and urban development excellence.

– Santiago Calatrava

In order to establish an alluring new destination, Calatrava Boulevard intends to modernize the area next to Königsallee Boulevard. While maintaining below the average height of buildings in the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the building’s height enables the development of an accented entry point underneath the curved roof. To support the city’s environmental initiatives, landscaped roof terraces also come equipped with solar panels.


Image courtesy of © Santiago Calatrava LLC
Image courtesy of © Santiago Calatrava LLC

The design incorporates the pre-existing buildings fronting Königsallee and connects them to the Calatrava Boulevard in a seamless manner. The new intervention’s first two levels provide about 160,000 square feet of upscale retail and dining space. Office space of 236,000 square feet is located on the top floors. The layout of these areas maintains the conventional form of the “Kö” façades.

Image courtesy of © Santiago Calatrava LLC

Sinusoidal waveforms that are directed in the direction of the Königstrasse and Steinstrasse exterior facades define the inside façade. The building’s reclusive nature guarantees that modern shop spaces are seamlessly incorporated with the area’s ancient urban fabric and architectural styles. To minimize the impact on company operations along the commercial boulevard, the project is intended to be developed gradually. With the construction of the Kö36 building, the first phase of the project has already started.

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