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  • Creative Levelstudio Space by ZIKZAK Architects

    Creative Levelstudio Space by ZIKZAK Architects

    ZIKZAK Architects have completed work on their latest office project for Levelstudio, an architecture and design firm in Kazakhstan. The client was also a co-designer of the “Levelstudio space,” making the design a true co-creation. There was an immediate understanding and magnetic connection with the client during the work process. Levelstudio sought to create more […] More

  • White Line by Nravil Architects

    Nravil Architects designed this stunning 300 m2 private residence , located in a landscape of unique beauty in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The main goal was to develop the project without harming the natural landscape. The exterior of the house is designed in order to would look different from different sides and due to this you can enjoy […] More

  • Glass Treehouse by A.Masow Architects

    A.Masow Architects designed this stunning tree house situated in Kazakhstan’s Almaty forest among fir trees. The cylindrical glass house is designed as a space to help one with spiritual and creative development. The four-story house is a tool of meditation, an abstract labyrinth of sorts. For thousands of years, human beings have created the spiral […] More

  • MÖKKI by Blacksheep

    Blacksheep, the London based F&B design specialist has worked with Ritz-Carlton Hotels and Resorts to devise and deliver a vision for the design of the new Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Astana, Kazakhstan. Blacksheep developed a comprehensive food and beverage strategy for the whole hotel to create an aspirational luxury experience. More

  • Astana Railway Station Proposal by LAVA

    Project: Astana Railway Station Designed by LAVA Location: Astana, Kazakhstan Website: Astana’s International Railway Station design coming from the drawing board of noted LAVA architects, takes the massive scope of 31,000 square meters. More