GRAPE Offices by FILD Design Studio


Discover the latest interior design project coming from the the design studio FILD, developed and executed for the full servicereative digital agency Grape. The task was to incorporate two conceptually different spaces within a single location: an event hub and an office for the company’s employees.  


The main challenge of the office space interior design project was ensuring that each of the numerous employees is provided with comfortable working conditions. For that reason, sound absorbing panels were installed in every work station. The core of this approach was creating so-called office lounge boxes: deep armchair-booths with charging stations, which allow to both hide away from the surrounding noise and/or make a phone call without disturbing others. These booths have been placed in every office. Almost all the furniture items, such as office desks, shelving units, lounge-booths, upholstered furniture, lamps, cement sinks in the bathroom, and even doorknobs were designed by Dan Vakhrameyev, the head designer of FILD.

Grape Hub is presented as a separate space for educational events conducted through the agency. Its main characteristic and advantage is its mobility, which implies an easy and efficient rearrangement of the space in accordance with each client’s needs. The structure of the stage allows for it to be transformed to accommodate a multitude of event formats, and for a powerful entrance of speakers on stage, FILD came up with a special “secret” back door, which is connected to the president’s office so that there is no need for the speakers to make their way through the audience. The multi-level mobile set of drawers with charging stations and live plants in the back of the lecture hall simultaneously acts as an eco space, storage, and an unusual work or audience space. A stylish and minimalistic bar will be the focal point for informal socializing of both guests and company employees.  – from the architects

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Location: Kiev, Ukraine, Nyzhnii Val Street, 2A
Function: GRAPE Office / GRAPE Hub
Office occupation: 42 employees / Hub occupation: 50-70 guests
Dimension: 400 sq.m
Completion date: July 2018

Photography: Andrey Bezuglov

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