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6 Bedroom Lighting Ideas for a Perfectly Lit Aussie Bedroom

6 Bedroom Lighting Ideas for a Perfectly Lit Aussie Bedroom

When we talk about the lighting in your bedroom, the picture-perfect scenario would be to install giant windows so the room is abundant with natural light. Of course, this is not always possible due to many reasons; we have to take into consideration the dimensions of the room, its shape and the style. A perfect lighting is different in the morning and in the night. In the morning, the lighting should be bright, similar to the morning sun and more intimate and dim in the night, more like a moonlight. Nevertheless, we came up with six ways that can help you get more light in your bedroom and are a stylish solution to your problems. For example, you can pair the lampshade with the colour of your fuzzy rug, wooden bed base or throw cushions.

Built-in Lamps

Illuminate your bedroom space with lamps that can be mounted on your headboard. It is a perfect choice for those who burn the midnight oil and read far into the night. Two lamps on each side of the headboard seem like a reasonable and practical solution, that many hotels started using, since it is a great space-saving strategy.

Traditional Table Lamps

Lamps that stand on your bedside tables are probably the most common source of light in a bedroom. Apart from providing light, they can look very modern and stylish. They can range from classical novelty lamps to lamps with furry covered shades. Whatever the style of your bedroom is, there is a lamp that matches beautifully either with your wallpaper or with your bed sheets.

6 Bedroom Lighting Ideas for a Perfectly Lit Aussie Bedroom

Floor Lamps

The versatile shape and size of the floor lamps make them a great choice for your bedroom. From traditional shades to more innovative ones, these lamps provide the necessary lighting and take up only a narrow amount of space. Their height is something to be considered when choosing a perfect shape and size for your bedroom. Again, for a small bedroom it is more convenient to stick with built-in lamps or table lamps.

Neon Bedroom Lights for Starry Nights

Neon light is a very modern type of lighting that consist of radiant letters or symbols which emit light. It typically conveys a certain message and showcases the lifestyle of the bedroom owner. It is more like a work of art rather than simple bedroom lighting, and is a type of lighting that will lend sassiness to your room.

6 Bedroom Lighting Ideas for a Perfectly Lit Aussie Bedroom

Exotic Lanterns

The lantern hanging from your ceiling is something you can’t see in every bedroom. There isn’t anything ordinary about this type of lighting. In order for it to fit into your bedroom design, the entire bedroom has to evoke luxurious and exotic mood, similar to the Moroccan nights.

Fashionable Chandelier

A classy chandelier lends elegance to your room. They work best if the ceiling in the bedroom is high and the room is larger in size. The most common mistake is putting an oversized chandelier in a small bedroom. Even though it is the centerpiece of the room, it shouldn’t overshadow the other elements and pieces of furniture, but rather complement them and bring out their best features.


Lighting of the bedroom is a feature that can always be improved and it is easily replaced. Find what works best for your bedroom and its size. For example, don’t put a chandelier or an enormous floor lamp in a small bedroom, since it takes up too much of the bedroom space, but rather opt for some other alternative. What is a perfect lighting combination in your opinion? Can you make a lantern look chic and modern? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Images from Apartment of Perfect Brightness by Adam Sokol Architecture Practice – See the full story here

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