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6 Easy Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

Updating your home is not just a way to make it look better. Some updates can actually increase the value of your home. Most updates can be expensive, but it’s possible to do it yourself affordably. So don’t pick up the phone yet to call a professional decorator. Here are 6 ways to update your home on a budget.

1.“Enter” Through the Front Door

You have one chance to make a good first impression. That starts at the front door. Maybe you could give it a new color. Certainly it could add to your curb appeal as well.

If your door is not worth painting, then maybe it’s time to replace it. On the subject of painting, look at the trim outside. Could it use a little freshening up?

2.Update Your Backsplash

Don’t panic, it’s not expensive as it sounds. One of the most popular material for backsplash updates is subway tile. It’s affordable and all you need is a few tools and some mortar.

The best part of updating a backsplash is that it can add value to your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re not selling it right now. This is purely for the update factor.


3.Don’t Cut the Rug

Rugs, particularly area rugs, are a very underutilized way to update a room, except for professional decorators. If you’re doing updates yourself, consider this idea. A cool idea is to take a large area rug, center on an area of focus, like a fireplace, and then arrange your furniture on the area rug. It makes the arrangement cohesive.

Choosing the right size, however, can be tricky. For some help, use this rug sizing guide.

4.DIY Headboard

A headboard can really add a lot to a bedroom. But they can be spendy too. An alternative is to build your own. There is an endless variety of materials you could possibly use to create one. Some have used doors, skis – even used pallets!

The point here is to select something that is a reflection of you.

5.Get a “Handle” On Your Hardware

You have great cabinets. They’re the right color and they’re in good shape. But they need something.

You would be surprised to see what a difference new pulls or knobs can make. You can find them in many different finishes and shapes. Plus, they’re a very inexpensive option, but they give your cabinets new character – a definite update.


Maybe replacing the pulls and knobs are just not enough. If your cabinets still have good bones, and you can’t afford to replace them right now, consider painting them a different color.

Be advised that this kind of painting is not like painting walls. It requires more care and finesse, so if you need help with this, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Replacing is always a last resort when you’re trying to stay within a budget. But there is one way to get around this.

You might want to contact cabinet makers to see if they have anything they couldn’t sell. Maybe a mistake was made in building them, and the customer cancelled the order.

If you’re able to find these, they’re going to be practically brand new. The only drawback is that cabinets are pretty much custom-designed. Finding the exact sizes you need could be difficult. But an expert installer might be able to make them yours with some adjustments.


So there are definite ways for you to add some updates to your home affordably. We hope you can use at least one of these 6 tips.

Images from Bloomfield House by FGR Architects – See the complete story here

King Bill by Austin Maynard Architects

10 Hubert St by Oda New York