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The Black Box House by Pao Architects

Pao Architects designed this stunning private residence for a young family with 2 children.  The house has been built in Vilnius (LT), on the slope of the Neris River, in the context of impressive surroundings. An asset of this territory is a 10-kilometre distance from the city centre and the territory features a harmonious combination of the advantages of the city infrastructure and a wonderful landscape of the slopes of the Neris River which open up from the house as an excellent view. The house is located in a densely-built territory dominated by low-rise architecture – 1-2 storey private houses. The land plot is perfectly oriented in terms of cardinal points, with the view of the river facing south-west, while the quarter with a road is situated in north-east. Discover more after the jump:

From the architects: We are delighted that, while implementing this project, we dealt with wonderful and brave clients who had clear preferences with regard to the layout of the house, but also allowed us to experiment. The clients wanted modern, minimalistic architecture, light forms stressing the advantages of their land plot. Following a discussion with the clients of their wishes and a thorough exploration of the territory, we proposed a one-storey house, concept of minimalistic form and size, with construction in parallel to the side of the land plot. The design of the house is characterised by rationality, where the main entrance, all auxiliary premises, bathrooms of parents and children as well as a walk-in wardrobe have been planned on the north side of the house, while a living-room, a dining-room, a kitchen and bedrooms are facing south-west with a view to the river. All residential rooms have exits into a covered terrace. During the summer, the roof console helps to regulate the microclimate in residential rooms and protects the rooms from direct sunlight.

In the northern part of the house, the same console of the roof has been designed to cover the main entrance from the rain. Since the northern part of the house has a view on the buildings of the quarter, we have planned mini green zones, which provide more privacy against the street. These zones also provide more contrast when the vegetation plays with the textures and lighting of the façade.

Attic Apartment by INBLUM

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INBLUM designed this inspiring modern attic apartment located in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania,  in 2018. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: While walking along the street you won’t notice this home. This is an abode where you can escape from the hustle and bustle but, at the same time, feel yourself an integral part of the charming city.

The spaces of this home located in the heart of Vilnius Naujamiestis have three dimensions: private, public-indoor and public-outdoor. The outdoor space here forms an integral part of the indoor space owing to the given architectural entities with 5.5 m glass walls and patios engirdling practically all of the apartments.

Space is a key value of this home and a measure of comfort. The space is stratified not only horizontally by floors, but also vertically by curtains, glass walls and functions. The curtains here act in a scenographic manner: they fulfil not only a screen function but are a full-fledged space-forming element as a ‘soft wall’, whose multilayer is revealed while you are on the upper floor where the curtains of one space layer-by-layer bring to light other spaces, including the outdoor one.

The public indoor space – living-room, dining room and kitchen – is separated from the private one – bedrooms – by the furniture structure veneered in natural wood. In this way the visual boundary between the public and the private is outlined.

The wooden ceiling somewhat brings the impressive height of the space down-to-earth, at the same time being a link between the lower floor public space and the upper floor private one.

The bedrooms on the upper floor are designed in such a way as not to lose the connection with the environment; the glass showcases and monolithic railing in one of the rooms become a micro balcony, creating an illusion of a building inside a building, both from the outside and from the inside.


For the finishing of the façade, we used materials chosen according to the principle of contrast, therefore, the finishing of black wood highlights the minimal form and provides an excellent contrast with the texture of a concrete fence. In this project, we also focused on the details, for instance, a hidden gate and door of the garage as well as green terraces with holes in the roof. The façade is ventilated and covered with black-painted planks of Siberian Spruce in order to create an impression of Scandinavian minimalism and luxury.

For the interior, the concept of Scandinavian minimalism was selected, because the clients desired the interior to be light and clear.

Photography by Leonas Garba?iauskas

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