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mq2 House by bp arquitectura

bp arquitectura designed this inspiring concrete private residence located in Mendiolaza, Argentina, in 2018. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: The house is located within a privileged land with great views of the small mountains of the valley of Punilla. Located in a closed urbanization northwest of Cordoba in the town of Mendiolaza, has a rugged topography, with large differences which allowed us to play with two volumes that rest on each other and at the same time rest on the natural terrain and at times they are suspended in the air generating large overhangs that reinforce the idea of monolithic volumes. To achieve this we work with exposed concrete cast in situ, with phenolic formwork. This material is noble, classic, traditional and of low maintenance as well as the stone that was used to materialize the contentions of the terraforming and the basement of the house.

Se busco relacionar la vivienda con el paisaje mediante las visuales, generando grandes superficies vidriadas con puertas ventanas que conectan con una gran galería y terrazas a los espacios tanto públicos como privados. Por otra parte se busco la privacidad con la calle y con los vecinos a través grandes pantallas de hormigón que protagonizan el ingreso principal y cierran la terraza claustro y patios de ventilación que solo se acceden desde el espacio privado. Además, gracias al juego de volúmenes y desniveles se ubico la cochera para los vehículos y sala de juegos en un sitio que queda resguardado visualmente.


In the lower box are the areas of social uses as main income, kitchen, living room, toilet, gallery, grill, service areas: garage, laundry room and services. In the upper box is the private sector such as intimate bedrooms and bathrooms. Finally two large accessible terraces, one with access from the bedrooms and being with views of the mountains and finally another terrace that is a cloister courtyard that is located above the garage and accessed from the private room which functions as articulator and connector tunnel between both exterior spaces.

The relationship between the form and the architecture language with the program and function of the house was the one that triggered the original idea of the house, being the nature the main source of inspiration, the views and the immediate surroundings.

Photography by Gonzalo Viramonte


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