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Skipark 360° by C.F. Møller Architects & Berg Arkitektkontor

Skipark 360°

Project: Skipark 360°
Designed by C.F. Møller Architects & Berg Arkitektkontor
Collaborators: NCC
Client: skipark 360°
Size: 70.000 sqm
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Website: &
Set to be one of Sweden's biggest structures Skipark 360° is work of C.F. Møller Architects & Berg Arkitektkontor. For more images and architects description continue after the jump:

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From the Architects:

As its name suggests, Skipark 360° will be the world's most complete indoor ski park, as well as a significant landmark: a simple but dramatic sculpture, rising up in the landscape just outside Stockholm. The icon for the complex will be its downhill slope, which will be 700 m long with a drop of 160 m, and will thus be the only indoor ski slope in the world to meet the requirements for hosting the World Cup. The building has a striking appearance, with a simplified silhouette that emphasises the Swedish landscape of forest and lakes. But it is also dramatic in size – at a height of approx. 135 m, it will be one of Sweden's largest structures, and will possess a visual tension in the vast building's few support points, which taper downwards and meet the forest floor at an angle.

In addition to the downhill run, the complex will also contain a 3 km cross-country skiing tunnel, an arena for biathlon, ice hockey and figure skating, and a snow park for snowboarding. There will also be restaurants, shops, a spa and hotel and conference facilities, offering panoramic views across the countryside. A newly-developed concept will ensure that the complex is the most eco-friendly of its kind in the world. The complex will thereby be self-sufficient in energy from renewable sources such as geothermal heating, solar power, wind power and hydropower.

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