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Discover The Family Apartment in Brianza by Bartoli Design


A minimal yet cozy apartment designed by Bartoli Design for a family with two teenagers living in Brianza comes out as a perfect contemporary home. Bartoli team had a massive space to work with, the apartment is 210 square meters large, the apartment is located on a top floor of a three decades old building. The family who is also an avid collector of design furniture opted for a spacious home, where the furniture will also get a spotlight to shine in. 


Design-passioned, lovers of sport and relaxed lifestyle, the couple was looking for a luminous living arragement that would enhance their family well-being. This was not the impression the architects got when visiting the apartment for the first time: a maze-like plan with many little spaces and – in the middle – an enclosed staircase that brought to a dark upper mezzanine. Reality was that this space had great potential as an apartment surrounded by a charming green area, with windows on four sides and a multiple-angled leaning roof. Bartoli Design drew a new plan and configuration with spaces opening one on the other: the internal walls and the old mezzanine have been demolished, the kitchen has been moved to other side of the apartment, the corridors have been replaced by few sliding or pivoting parting panels that go hiding into the walls when not in use. Therefore, during the day, the line of sight from the entrance to the master bedroom is unobstructed, and, from open doors, light spills in the spaces. Another complex part of the job has been the renovation of all technical facilities in the meager thickness available in floors and walls. Between living and sleeping areas, a new mezzanine has been built, with a light metal structure as access, thought as a cocooned relax space for the children that is visually open onto the living room. The iconic Michetta velvet seatings by Gaetano Pesce furnish the space that occasionally becomes the guest room, thanks to sliding blackout curtains. In this area there’s also a small bathroom (equipped with bathtub, shower, wc and washbasin) finished with materials that remind of a snow-covered forest, to “mirror nature”, as required by the clients. The clients have chosen to reduce private areas in favour of public spaces, but for the master bedroom the architects have designed a full sized cabinet, with enhanced depth, that covers the whole wall and features a recess finished in bronzed brass with an orange fabric back, a 1913’s design by Josef Hoffmann, that is a visual background as soon as you enter the apartment even before getting to the bedroom. A long shelf runs behind the bed leather headboard; above you’ll find the floating arms of two Turciù lamps by Catellani&Smith, in contrast with the rigorous lines of other pieces of furniture. – from Bartoli Design

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All photos by Photographer Diana Lapin
All Images Courtesy of Bartoli Design – for more of the work by the architects visit their official page:

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