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Yuhua Apartment by Fan Life Studio

Fan Life Studio designed this inspiring apartment located in Zhengzhou, China, in 2017. Take a look at the complete story after the jump.

From the architects: What kind of collision will occur, when traditional spirit is expressed in an actual form, and when classical soul is hovering in a simple realistic space? This project is a perfect expression on the integrated aesthetics of the Chinese styled inactionand the Western style realism. The classical soul which is as cool and refreshing as plum blossom, when presented in a concise and mellow way, it is like a young woman dressed in silks and satins, whose young and curvy body shows the classical charm of maidenliness.

Once stepped into the room, there’s an open view where ivory white curtains are hanging on the bright transparent French windows, so that the outside change of seasons can be viewed, and it highlights a coherent integrity of the entire room as well. When bright sunshine penetrates through the French windows, all the colors show the true selves. Standing on the windowsill and overlooking, the sentence “the great sound seems soundless, and the great image seems formless” (quoted from Chuang Tzu)comes to mind, while looking back to the interior, soft and elegant sofa has added a sense of human habitation. “At night, the moon can be seen when looked up, while the six pence can be picked up when looked down. “(from the “The Moon and Sixpence”)

This presentation is just right to show the image of people looking at the stars and their down-to-earth attitude towards life. The furnishings are all showing a quiet artistic atmosphere, such as the frescoes withdistant mood, white plum flower arrangement with cold temperament, and white porcelain cup in unique shape… These uniquely classical aesthetic details give the soft room a peaceful and sublime cultural atmosphere.


Designers show diversity and inclusiveness based on the building itself and the interior space tone, making the contrast between cool and warm tones in the whole space as an embodiment of metaphysics and realism. In the bedroom, the fluffy white bed and the interspersed golden lines create a sense of aestheticism in the whole space; it is like a playground in the ancient Greek mythology. Falling ginkgo leaves beside the bed make people feel like being in an ancient temple where leaves of thousand-year-old ginkgo are falling down. Except for the comfortable visual experience achieved by mix and match, every details reflects the designers’ carefulness and sincerity.

With a touch of mild classical style and a hint of flexible modern fashion, the space is pure and elegant everywhere, as if bathing in the cool seaside atmosphere in summer. Wang Changling, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, put forward the three realms of poem in his “Poetry Style” as: writing actual landscape is content conception; evoking emotions from landscape is passion conception; expressing emotions by describing concrete objects is artistic conception. Applying these three realms to the shaping of space, and blending the beauty of oriental aesthetics and modern art, it well interprets the designer’s expectations on the project.

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