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Zaha Hadid Architects’ Le Schuylkill Tower: A Green Landmark in Monaco

Blending Innovation and Sustainability in Monaco’s Skyline

Render by Talcik Demovicova

Built in 1963, Le Schuylkill Tower, stands as an architectural marvel and a landmark in Monaco. The significance of being the first high-rise building erected in Monaco highlights the principality’s progress and development over time. Situated in Monte Carlo, its strategic location provides breathtaking views of Port Hercule, the royal palace, and the Mediterranean Sea beyond, making it a coveted residential address.

Photo by John Kellerman
Photo by John Kellerman

The architectural brilliance of Le Schuylkill Tower, undertaken by Zaha Hadid Architects, lies in its seamless integration with the steep topography of its site. Configured in an open ‘U’ shape, the building maximizes sea-facing views for its occupants while effectively managing the considerable declivity of the land, which drops 22 meters across the site. Each apartment boasts a balcony, offering residents an opportunity to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty that surrounds them.

Render by Talcik Demovicova
Render by Talcik Demovicova

Structurally, Le Schuylkill Tower is a marvel of engineering, with a reinforced concrete frame meticulously designed to withstand the challenges posed by its location. Divided into two distinct parts, the lower section houses essential facilities such as parking, storage, and service rooms, while the upper section comprises residential accommodations ranging from studios to spacious four-bedroom apartments.

In recent years, the tower has undergone a transformative journey towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. Recognizing the need to adapt to modern living standards and mitigate its ecological footprint, a comprehensive renovation plan was set in motion. The decision to pursue the Batiments Durable Mediterraneen de Monaco (BD2M) certification underscores the commitment to environmental stewardship.

Render by Milau Studio
Render by Talcik Demovicova

The renovation project encompasses a holistic approach, addressing various aspects such as energy efficiency, water conservation, and material sustainability. From the implementation of renewable energy sources to the incorporation of water recycling systems, every aspect of the renovation is geared towards reducing environmental impact while enhancing the comfort and well-being of residents.

Le Schuylkill Tower exemplifies architectural creativity and ecological consciousness. Its transformation from an innovative skyscraper to a symbol of eco-friendly living mirrors Monaco’s architectural progression and dedication to a more environmentally sustainable tomorrow. 

Owner: HPP
Developer: SAM Le Soleil
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)
ZHA Project Director: Stephane Vallotton
ZHA Project Architect: Pelayo Bustillo Macias
ZHA Project Leads: Lenka Petrakova, Frenji Koshy
ZHA Project Team: Afsoon Eshaghi, Alex Nap, Anna Uborevich-Borovskaya, Branko Svarcer,
Chiara Baiocco, Drew Merkle, Hyun Jin Kim, Ken Bostock, Martin Pfleger, Meenakshi Sharma,
Michelle Sin, Nicolas Tornero, Othmane Kandri, Roberta Sartori, Sharon Sin, Thanh Dao,
Yasemin Muduroglu, Yihoon Kim, Zohra Rougab
ZHA Competition Project Director: Cristiano Ceccato
ZHA Competition Associate: Lydia Kim
Local Architect: Square Architecte
Structural Engineers: Eckersley O’Callaghan and OTEIS
Cost Consultant: VPEAS
Environmental Consultant: AIA
Façade Engineering: Eckersley O’Callaghan
M&E Engineering: INGETEC
Fire Engineer: INGETEC
Landscape Consultant: Jean Agapit
Lighting Design: 8’18”
Acoustic Consultant: INGETEC
Project Manager: MIP
Signage Consultant: Space Agency

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