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UNESCO Cultural Centre Ba?miya?n by Noe?l Dominguez Architect

Noe?l Dominguez Architect
With UNESCO Cultural Centre Ba?miya?n project design by Noe?l Dominguez Architect the french practice was honored in the international architectural competition for the design. The concept design by NDA is created for a 1220 square meter space, housing a research centre, museum, a school, theater, conference room, and cafeteria. The NDA project is chosen among the 5 finalists, selected out of 4000 participants and 1070 project send trom 177 countries.


The project presented by NDA was made to honour and contribute to the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of Bâmiyân, while offering the local community, to the country of Afghanistan, and visitors an efficient and enthusiastic tool to write the future story. The project ideally suits the urban landscape of Bâmiyân. The organisation in “blocks-programs” of sizes close to existing buildings allows a harmonious integration of this institution on site. This will of a fine and discreet implementation goes with the topographic process of the building. – from Noe?l Dominguez Architect


The prime contractor of the project is UNESCO. For more of the project in Ba?miya?n, Afghanistan.

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