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Coffee Table “Wood Design”

Table Wood Design

"Wood Design" is the coffee table which comes from drawing board of the designers Marta Magnowska, and Grzegorz Kisielewski who shared with us their unique project.

Table Wood DesignTable Wood DesignTable Wood Design

From the Designers:

The fusion of artistic sensitivity and engineer precision gave birth to the idea of creating furniture made of rough wood. Two designers, Marta Magnowska and Grzegorz Kisielewski, had met at high school, but they’ve started to  work together  just six months ago. Marta is  architecture graduate at Wroc?aw University of Technology. Grzegorz finished Faculty of Mechanical and Power Engineering at the same university. They wanted their first project – the table Wood Design- to be elaborated in minute detail, that’s why it took them half a year to complete it. They’ve spent hours looking for the highest quality materials,tools and service providers. They’ve done a great deal of visualizations before deciding about the best disposition and choice of stumps,  size and thickness of the table top and its finish.

Seasoned ash wood thanks to a careful, multistage woodworking, preserved its natural severe charm. Through their irregular disposition stumps  produce an impression of growing directly from the ground.  In one of them you can see a small metal plate made of stainless steel with logo of the project engraved on it. Each piece will have its own individually designed logo, fitting specific stump grain. Table top is made of security glass. It has rounded corners and bevelled edges. Screws and glue secure it on stumps. Glass gives the whole design lightness and is a great counterbalance for solid wooden elements. Wood design is created for people who like minimalism, and for those who like to be in the bosom of nature even at home.

Project: Coffee Table "Wood Design"
Designed by Marta Magnowska, Grzegorz Kisielewski

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