‘Cristal – The Dead Sea Gem’ Winning Proposal by Sitbon Architectes

Cristal Sitbon

Sitbon Architectes designed proposal for a leisure center in the Dead Sea named ‘Cristal – The Dead Sea Gem’. Their solution won the first prize for the “Best unbuilt competition entry” as well as the “People’s choice winner” at the international competition AZ Awards 2013.

Cristal SitbonCristal SitbonCristal SitbonCristal SitbonCristal SitbonCristal SitbonCristal Sitbon

From the Architects:

Cristal is located Where we understand the essential of nature: its fragility. Today, the nivel of the Dead Sea, lowest emerged point in the earth, is reducing by one meter per year and is destined to disappear in 2050. The purpose of Cristal is to sensitize people to the interpretation of its specific nature. Like a sculpture, its volume is inspired by the salt cube structure, symbol of the Dead Sea. All the steps remind us consequences of time. It means that we need to take care of everything: our body, our mind, our environment, … Cristal has the desire to be an answer for all these concerns by permitting us to be one with nature. Place at north canal's mouth, it crystalizes the void af a sleeping region to wake it up. Close to an old small airstrip and to an easy access zone, the project provides a leisure center offering various services. Spaces are organized around a cristal zone. The ground floor is for  platform of social relationships and sport activities. The first floor, accessible only by stairs, connected us to heaven in the esplanade of contemplation to look the sunrise and the mountains. Space surrounding the project are landscape into several zonings such as bike rides, camel's promenades, walks… Also practice paddle or take a relaxing bath in the mud squares. Easy to install, the project can be mounted in six days. Telescopic frames in mental are unfolded then fixed and entirely covered with salt. This way, the structure gets salinized until reaching a total white pristine. The Cristal center zooms in one of the ten wonders of the world and invites us, by its activities, to discover the beauty of a nature really authentic. An essential vitality. 

Project: ‘Cristal – The Dead Sea Gem’
Designed by Sitbon Architectes
GFA: 19,720 sqm
Height: 22m50 / 2 levels
Location: Dead Sea

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