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How To Incorporate Glass And Stone Into A House Design

For many homeowners, bringing nature into their home is a key objective. Generations of householders have tried interesting and inventive ways to bring natural elements into their property to provide a sense of calm, of peace, and perhaps most importantly of all to more functional types, of space. Glass and stone are ideal materials to help you in your quest to do just that, and here are some tips to get you started (Image above Family Home by Interior Designer Elisabeth Heier).


The Great Outdoors

Human beings have an inherent connection to the outdoors, and our love for nature inevitably leads to a desire for natural elements that are living or décor that was living, whether that’s wood, cotton or leather. If you choose materials that resonate with your personal style then it will be easier to incorporate elements that make you feel at peace and at one with nature into your home.

A good way to think about where and how you can incorporate these elements is to think of the spaces in your home where you can bring them out. In the kitchen for example you could fit an entire set of units that uses wood and glass: wooden cupboard and drawer doors, glass work surfaces, and even stone backsplashes. These will provide your kitchen area with earthy colours, unique elements, and a sense of wholeness as the complete product will look like a more cohesively natural space. Image above ANTIPATIO house project by Drozdov&Partners


Let In The Light

There are of course many ways that you can bring in a sense of light that will infiltrate your home in different rooms. It may be a case of de-cluttering a busy living room, and adding pastel colours to the walls and soft pale hues to furnishings. In your bedroom, you may want to redecorate with softer colours while keeping a sense of cosiness to help you relax and make the most of what should be a peaceful environment. Image above Farmhouse Remodeled by Gert Wingårdh


More fundamental structural changes can be made too which will help bring more light and thus more space into your rooms. For example, glass walls are both a grand statement and a great way to allow light from outside to breathe into your home. Firms like Biesse are able to process glass and stone to have the desired effect and create a product that could make a great addition to your home. Image above UNSTUDIO house Fedde de Weert

There is so much that you can do with glass and stone used in the right way to make your home a beautiful, peaceful, light and spacious place – all it takes is a little imagination and audacity and you’ll get to enjoy the potential for yourself too.

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