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The Heat Collection at Rossana Orlandi Gallery by Zieta Prozessdesign

Zieta Prozessdesign created new thermally colored collection in cooperation with Rossana Orlandi. The collection titled “The Heat” was presented during Milan Design Week 2018. The technologically advanced process of steel coloring which gives the objects a golden tint, has won the hearts of many people from the field of design and art. Take a look at more images below.

All objects from our collection are the result of experiments on shaping steel with compressed air and the extraction of the natural beauty of deformation. The matter of steel itself and the nobility of the materials we work with lead us to the bottom-up design process. Thermal color extraction is the embodiment of the philosophy of process design and the search for natural emotions and beauty in the process. All the objects will be shown by Zieta at Rossana Orlandi Gallery.


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